How to protect an Apple device from iCloud Hack ?

How to protect an Apple device from iCloud Hack ?

by Shafeeq tson September 2, 2014
What is cloud storage? The concept of storing an extremely enormous amount of data which is safe, secure and at the same time is possible to share among your colleagues and friends was practically not possible until it in a last few years it was made possible.Thanks to the advancement in technology which practically brought […]

14 Master Tips for Samsung Galaxy S5 Users

by Shafeeq tson April 27, 2014
Now, please do not tell us you do not know about Samsung Galaxy S5, current flagship device of Korean Smartphone manufacturer. This device has managed to grab enough media attention due to several features including fingerprint scanner, water-resistant body, heartbeat monitor, 4K video recording, Android KitKat with new version of TouchWiz, customized UI layer of […]


Stolen Your Android Phone: How to Find Android Phone ?

by Shafeeq tson November 4, 2013
“I cannot find my phone” – how many times have you said this statement? Not necessarily that you face this situation only when your Android phone gets stolen, or you forget it at a friend’s place or restaurant, or perhaps it went inside the cushion or pillow. Do you need to find android phone every […]
10 Interesting Gadgets from CES 2015

10 Interesting Gadgets from CES 2015

by Shafeeq tson January 11, 2015
The Consumer Electronics Show is back this year with all interesting gadgets, better than the previous years. CES is mostly about what we are going to have in the near future; but not all of these gadgets really make it to the consumers’ households after a brief ‘wow’ in the show window. This year, the Consumer […]
Lenovo Selfie Flash: actually it’s not just a flash light

Lenovo Selfie Flash: actually it’s not just a flash light

by Shafeeq tson January 9, 2015
In a two hours long movie, the climax generally is of 10-15 minutes. In the same fashion, we all know CES is mega technology event. But, it doesn’t mean all those appear here are of high value. They sometime give importance for the fun aspects like selfies as well. On this context, stuffs like Lenovo […]

Micromax Yureka

Micromax Yu: 64 bit, 2GB RAM, 13 MP and 4G for Just Rs.8999

by Shafeeq tson December 23, 2014
The inspirational Indian native smartphone manufacturer Micromax has made the opening device Yu available. Micromax looks quite confident as well the associated brand will take the company’s image to new height. So finally, YU has made the CyanogenMod powered smartphone device called Yureka over the nation. You can bag it just for Rs. 8,999 which […]
Importance of Planning for Your Reseller Hosting Business

The Importance of Planning for Your New Reseller Hosting Business

by Shafeeq tson December 18, 2014
Whether you’re still toying around with the idea of starting your web hosting reseller business, or whether you’re ready to take that big leap into buying your first package, there’s plenty to think about before you start.   How much is it going to cost you? Do you have the budget to make this a […]
Microsoft ‘Torque’ is replacement for Android’s ‘Ok Google’

Microsoft ‘Torque’ is Replacement for Android’s ‘Ok Google’

by Shafeeq tson December 8, 2014
After the smartwatch, now Microsoft has introduced a brand new feature in that is about to replace the ‘Okay Google’ command in the Android ecosystem. This basically does the same job but instead of speaking out the identical ‘Okay Google’ message to your device; you just need to shake the device in a specific gesture […]

How to get CyanogenMod updates in One Plus One

How to Get CyanogenMod Updates For Indian OnePlus One Users ?

by Shafeeq tson November 29, 2014
OnePlus One is in a lot of buzz these days, but not in a way it would have wished for. Reportedly Cyanogen has made an exclusive deal with one of the leading Indian manufacturer Micromax that has left OnePlus One with no other option but to change its strategy for India. It’s a bit disappointing […]
Black Friday/Cyber Monday–Big Price Slashing Started

Black Friday/Cyber Monday–Big Price Slashing Started

by Shafeeq tson November 27, 2014
Black Friday is the term used for the Friday, which falls after Thanksgiving Day in the US. Thanksgiving Day is a festival which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in the month of November every year. In shopping terminology, Black Friday stands for the commencement of shopping season for the upcoming Christmas celebrations. It refers […]
IPG Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

IPG Announced Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Series

by Shafeeq tson November 5, 2014
IPG is a revolutionary new screen guard series that makes your beloved smart phone withstand blows of rogue hammers and knife! Invisible Phone Guard puts NASA technology in the palm of your hands making your smart phone screen virtually invincible. As a demonstration of the toughness of the material used, the company chops vegetables, breaks […]

Best of Five Apps of October, 2014

Best of Five Apps in October, 2014

by Shafeeq tson October 25, 2014
The last month had been an overwhelming one for the techie people. Flagship devices were launched, the excitement was on its highest peak, and the rumors were all broken off into reality. Not only pieces of hardware can’t compliment such out of the world devices, and so the software developers worked so hard to come […]
Partition Your Hard Disk Drive With Easeus Partition Manager Software

Partition Your Hard Disk Drive With Easeus Partition Manager Software

by Shafeeq tson September 20, 2014
Selecting the appropriate partition manager software tool is somehow a challenging and daunting task for you, so, you have to understand various things associated with it. You have to be careful while selecting it as it is the concern of partition management on your computer. If you are seeking for the best and effective solution […]