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3 Android Apps Must Use for News Reading

3 Android Apps Must Use for News Reading

Many a times, we are too busy to hold a newspaper in our hand and read it while sipping the hot cup of tea or coffee. Time does not permit us to do so in this fast paced life and especially when we are in rush in the morning times. Smartphones have really made our life simple and helps us stay updated with everything around us and globally as well. There is tons of news application available in the Google play store that provides latest and updated news. And here show you 3 apps based on major difference.

Five Gadgets To Make a Truly Smart Home

Smart! This seems to be the buzzword of current technology world. Actually, Smartphones were the noticeable ones to establish this word among common users. After their domination over existing mobile devices, the smart keyword has been implemented onto a number of consumer electronics devices including Smartwatches, Smart TVs, and even a bunch of smart home appliances like smart refrigerators and Air Conditioners. Now, after all these revolutionary changes, some devices are behind the stage to make our homes SMART. These devices may look quite small to you, but their effect will be something great if you are a ‘practical’ geek. All these devices use smart connectivity features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc. Now, we shall have a glimpse on those devices!

Five Gadget To Make a Truly Smart Home

FreeKall: Free Calling Without Internet in Across India

Following the dawn of several web-based mobile communication platforms, such as WhatsApp and Viber, there was a noticeable decrease in the profit of telecommunication providers. For instance, in the current context, especially in youth community, we can say that WhatsApp has simply dominated over SMSs, as the former methods needs single internet connection to keep in contact with your friends. Likewise, Applications like Viber, which allows free audio & video calls over internet, we can find a decrease in amount of phone calls as well. Nevertheless, when we consider a country like India, where fast internet connection is just a dream for majority, it seems such Apps do not really allow ‘free calling’ in this country. However, understanding this situation, some students from India has come up with one effective solution, which allows you to make free calls without internet connection!
FreeKall: Free Calling Without Internet in Across India

Are Nokia X, X+ & XL really Windroid and not Androids

You must be thinking what this Windroid thing is. The answer is very simple, it’s just Windows plus Android is equal to Windroid. Yes for the first time a device has been launched by Nokia which is half widows and half Android. Basically it is a custom operating System that is capable of importing various Android apps but cannot directly download them from the Google Play Store. With a Windows Phone interface and along with the famous Microsoft services like Outlook and Skype, the phone will be soon launched in the market with the price around $122.
Are Nokia X, X+ & XL really Windroid and not Androids

Interview With Khalil Who Hacked Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Wall

The billionaire, Facebook originator and global icon, Mark Zuckerberg’s profile was hacked by a 30 years old Khalil Shreateh. He belonged to the territories of Palestine, Herbon. The man here discovered a spam and exposed a software bug that allowed him to post a message on anyone’s wall without being in his or her friend list. Through this he contacted Mark Zuckerberg by posting a respectful message on his wall.

Interview With Security Researcher Khalil Shreateh Who Hacked Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Wall
Khalil Shreateh from  Palestine

Differences & Similarities of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro & Tab Pro

With some bunch of new tablets showcased in CES 2014 held in Vegas, it looks like Samsung is trying to grasp on the tablet market without keeping every size of tablet available for the consumer sector. Samsung released three new tablets in their tablet platform which have exceeded the record of largest tablet in the market. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro & Note Pro, these are the two new additions over 10-inchers tablet. From our reviews it looks like both of these devices share some common specs while they have their very own differences. Let’s see how we can differentiate both of these tablets.
Differences And Similarities of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro & Tab Pro

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: Things One Should Know About It

The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact can be regarded as a complete package in terms of functionality, performance and aesthetics that one would discover in a premium smartphone like this. The phone is available in a variety of colors to meet everyone’s interest, and has been beautifully forged into a size that makes it a perfect fit for the palm. The device uses the same technology to click breath taking pictures and records videos that are used by Sony’s digital cameras. Apart from this the phone is also waterproof and dust proof leading to increased life of the device. These two features alone are some of the dominant features of the phone that make it a GO & Just Buy product.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: Things One Should Know About It

Are You Looking For Family Health Consultant ? Here10 Gadget For Health Consulting

Technology has changed the way of our living. We have become more reliable on technology with passing time, so is the medical system. In this modern time everyone is busy with their lives so much so that they do not get time to visit their physicians frequently. In these cases health gadgets comes to your rescue. These amazing gadgets and gizmos help you to keep a proper check on your health so that you can lead a healthy life. There are several such amazing gadgets that can help you in health consulting.  Let us check the latest gizmos that act as your personal doctor to keep you healthy and hearty.

Are You Looking For Family Consultant ? Here 9 Gadget For Health Consulting