How to protect an Apple device from iCloud Hack ?

How to protect an Apple device from iCloud Hack ?

by Shafeeq tson September 2, 2014
What is cloud storage? The concept of storing an extremely enormous amount of data which is safe, secure and at the same time is possible to share among your colleagues and friends was practically not possible until it in a last few years it was made possible.Thanks to the advancement in technology which practically brought […]

Interview With Khalil Who Hacked Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Wall

by Shafeeq tson January 30, 2014
The billionaire, Facebook originator and global icon, Mark Zuckerberg’s profile was hacked by a 30 years old Khalil Shreateh. He belonged to the territories of Palestine, Herbon. The man here discovered a spam and exposed a software bug that allowed him to post a message on anyone’s wall without being in his or her friend […]


Are You Looking For Family Health Consultant ? Here10 Gadget For Health Consulting

by Shafeeq tson January 11, 2014
Technology has changed the way of our living. We have become more reliable on technology with passing time, so is the medical system. In this modern time everyone is busy with their lives so much so that they do not get time to visit their physicians frequently. In these cases health gadgets comes to your […]

3D Printed 6 Organ Can Survive For Medical Science

by Shafeeq tson December 11, 2013
Technology is not only changing the way we live our lives but also proving to significantly influence science. A 3D printer is widely been used in medical field to create a replicate of human organs, casters to repair a fracture arm, a model babies using the ultrasound technology, and more. ·     1. 3D Printer to […]

Top 10 White Hat Hacking Rewards

by Shafeeq tson November 24, 2013
What are White Hat Hackers? The term White Hat Hacker must not be confused with normal Hacking or Hackers who violate legal laws. The term mainly refers to ethical computer hackers or may be a computer security expert who may specialize in testing methods to penetrate the security programs of any software or may be […]


Stolen Your Android Phone: How to Find Android Phone ?

by Shafeeq tson November 4, 2013
“I cannot find my phone” – how many times have you said this statement? Not necessarily that you face this situation only when your Android phone gets stolen, or you forget it at a friend’s place or restaurant, or perhaps it went inside the cushion or pillow. Do you need to find android phone every […]
IPG Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

IPG Announced Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Series

by Shafeeq tson November 5, 2014
IPG is a revolutionary new screen guard series that makes your beloved smart phone withstand blows of rogue hammers and knife! Invisible Phone Guard puts NASA technology in the palm of your hands making your smart phone screen virtually invincible. As a demonstration of the toughness of the material used, the company chops vegetables, breaks […]
Best of Five Apps of October, 2014

Best of Five Apps in October, 2014

by Shafeeq tson October 25, 2014
The last month had been an overwhelming one for the techie people. Flagship devices were launched, the excitement was on its highest peak, and the rumors were all broken off into reality. Not only pieces of hardware can’t compliment such out of the world devices, and so the software developers worked so hard to come […]

Partition Your Hard Disk Drive With Easeus Partition Manager Software

Partition Your Hard Disk Drive With Easeus Partition Manager Software

by Shafeeq tson September 20, 2014
Selecting the appropriate partition manager software tool is somehow a challenging and daunting task for you, so, you have to understand various things associated with it. You have to be careful while selecting it as it is the concern of partition management on your computer. If you are seeking for the best and effective solution […]
Bad and Goodness of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Bad and Goodness of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

by Shafeeq tson September 11, 2014
Apple already unveiled the most notorious and anticipated device of the year and it is iPhone 6. Actually, Apple released two new iPhone at their biggest event of the year. The fans are already looking everywhere to track when to buy their next iPhone but we’d like to share a few insights before you do […]
Xfinity COMCAST vs. Verizon Fios: Which is Better for You ?

Xfinity COMCAST vs. Verizon Fios: Which is Better for You ?

by Shafeeq tson September 4, 2014
In today’s world, people crave for entertainment and use various means of entertainment like the computer, music, movies and the list goes on. One of the main sources of entertainment proves to be the television and there are almost countless numbers of TV channels for you to choose you from a number of options by […]

Using Mobile Applications In An E-Commerce World

Using Mobile Applications In An E-Commerce World

by Shafeeq tson August 18, 2014
One of the best things to come from the invention of mobile devices is that it is now quite a bit easier to run your business thanks to a number of different applications geared especially towards the business world. When it comes to two particular fields of business, there are more than a few applications […]
Xiaomi Mi3 vs Asus Zenfone 5: Which is Best ?

Xiaomi Mi3 vs Asus Zenfone 5: Which is Best ?

by Shafeeq tson August 17, 2014
Battle of the smartphones goes on and on. And today we are going to put the two smartphones against each other to check whether one is better than another or they carry the same properties within almost the same budget range. Even after being a Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi has been doing extremely well with their […]

Best apps for this month ( Augest, 2014 )

by Shafeeq tson August 13, 2014
The applications have now become the integral part of an individual’s life. In fact, there is an app available for almost any functionality of life. However, despite millions of apps being available there remains a few those books a place in user’s heart due to their creative approach.   Anyway, the compilation given below is […]

Free Classified Ads Sites in Bangladesh

Free Classified Ads Sites: The Most Crowded Market Place in Bangladesh

by Shafeeq tson July 30, 2014
It’s time for rejuvenation, Bangladesh. Anyway, the older stuffs are not at all disappointed with the revolution. In fact, they have found their own destination. Looking at the present pace of growth of the industries, and most importantly the kind of passion the current generation has exhibited, it’s really a smart step to take the […]