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Google New Privacy & Policy: Do You Want Cancel Your Account?

Google’s new Privacy Policy is a stark defiance of personal information and data and requires serious concerns from its customers. By applying the Privacy Policy, Google gets a free pass to access and store information about your webpage searches and websites visited by you. Google will collect this information and combine it with other relevant data from the other Google Services like Gmail, Google Talk etc. with the help of data extracted from your web searches Google will send customized search results and ads related to your searches.

Confidentiality of the web history is utmost essential because it reveals vital information about any individual like location, age, religion, interests, sexual orientation, health concerns etc.    


Remove Web History:
Enabled Web History in your Google account will allow Google to track and store the records for indefinite time. But if you disable Web History, then information gained by Google will become partly indistinctive after a period of 18 months and some operations like transferring customized search results will be stopped. 
Follow the steps to remove your web history and also protect your web history from being recorded in the future.
  1.             Log in to your Google Account
  2.        Search for www.google.com/history
  3.        Select the “Remove All Web History” Tab
  4.        Click on “Ok” button.

Note: Disabling the Web History will keep it so until you enable it again. Removing the Web History also suspends it.

Disabling Web History doesn’t restrict Google from gaining information. The best solution is to cancel your Google Account.  
Cancel your Google Account:
Follow the simple steps mentioned below and cancel your Google Account.
  1.  Log in to your Google Accounts Homepage.
  2.  Select the Accounts Settings tab present in the navigation bar present on top of your Google Account.
  3. Click on ‘Service’ link of the Account Settings.
  4.  Choose among the various options to delete. You can either delete your Google Profile, GooglePlus Account or completely remove all the data present in your Google Account.
  5. Clear your Google Profile or GooglePlus Account: if the Google Privacy policy is not a headache for you and you are ready to share some of your information, then you can choose only the chosen Google packages.

    Delete your Google Account: deleting your Google account will shut down your complete account along with removing your webpage history, Google Talk, Gmail etc. Every data and information related to you and your profile will be deleted.

    Click on “
    Close Account and Delete all Services and Info Associated with It” tab to delete your complete account. If you cannot find the above mentioned link at the base of the page, then your account was probably created through any company or organization.
  6. Approve deletion of your account. You are required to select any of the two options:
            (a)   Yes, I want to delete my account   (b) Yes, I acknowledge that I am still responsible for any charges                    incurred due to any pending financial transactions

    Note: For any impending financial dealings for any Google products, you have to pay for it.


  7.  Click on Delete profile and remove associated Google+ features”.

    Google has used the Privacy Policy to gain huge bucks through ads. All this is at the cost of customers privacy.

    Google incoming search:

    how to close your google account, how to cancel gmail, youtube accounts.

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