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How To Make Facebook Timeline Movie

Developed and marketed by Definition6, Timeline Movie Maker is ultimate destination for creating and sharing your Facebook Timeline Movie. With simple interface, you can create your personalized timeline movie and share the link on your Facebook account for your friends and family to view it. The Timeline Movie Maker app transforms your profile into a short movie. The movie maker app draws out images and videos from your account and compiles them to from your video. Along with the freedom to choose from the different images and videos in your Facebook account, you can also add soundtrack to your compiled short timeline movie.  

Make and share your Facebook Timeline Movie:
Creating your Facebook Timeline Movie needs fraction of seconds and you need not follow any instruction to create it. A simple button click is enough to generate your Facebook Timeline Movie. To create your Facebook timeline movie, visit the website of Timeline Movie Maker. You will find a green button with “Make Your Movie” in the interface. Instantly you will be prompted to sign in into your Facebook account if you are not logged in. If you are signed in previously, then the app will start creating your timeline movie instantly.

Timeline Movie Maker generates your personalized timeline movie by extracting images and videos directly from your Facebook account. If you like the created movie, then click on the ‘Share’ link. The Timeline Movie Maker will attach a video link on your Facebook wall. Your Facebook friends can click and view your personalized video in a new tab of their browser.

Follow Simple steps to make the Facebook Timeline Movie:
  1.  Open website: www.timelinemoviemaker.com.
  2. Click on ‘Make your Movie’.
  3. Sign in to your Facebook account and grant access to the personal details required by the app.
  4.  The movie will take few seconds to be processed.
  5.   Your timeline movie is ready. Enjoy it.  

Customize your Timeline Movie:
If you don’t like the created timeline movie, then you can customize your movie according to your desire. Timeline Movie Maker offers various customization alternatives.

You can add sound track to your movie. Five soundtrack options available are Original, Romantic, Cinematic, Playful and Nostalgic. Before adding the soundtrack with the video, each track can be previewed through the play button beneath it.

Thereafter, you can choose the images and the videos you want to be added to the timeline movie. Timeline Movie Maker allows you to browse through different images and videos. For complete customization, you can also select media from various albums in Facebook. If you are using a video clip with sound, then that music will override the Movie maker soundtrack until the length of the video clip.

Once your customization is over, click on the ‘Save Changes’ link. Timeline Movie Maker will generate the new video for further accessing. You can make numerous changes until you get your desired movie. Once you are happy with the video, click on the share link and your friends can view the new video.    

Use Timeline Movie Maker to create awesome your personalized timeline movie. Now sit back and count the number of likes you receive for your movie.

Watch this video for more experience:

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