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How To Use Proxy Chaining For A More Secure Internet

Censorship online is growing on a large scale every day and you need to be smart to ensure you don’t fall a victim. Our government wants to know what we’re doing, hackers are lurking and looking for the closest opportunity to hack into our system and even our ISPs will happily record our private activities and potentially use them if it will benefit them in the future. There are much more problems than we can handle and while complete anonymity online is impossible, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our best to be as secure as we can be.

One technique I love and recommend for security online is proxy chaining. Most of us are familiar with the idea of using open proxies to access the internet and how secure it can be but very few of us really know how powerful it can be if two or more proxies are combined. The process of using two or more proxies to connect to the internet is called proxy chaining and it is much more secure compared to using just one proxy.

If you’re looking for ways to be more anonymous online and you want to consider the idea of proxy chaining you should keep reading this article.
Advantages of Proxy Chaining:

To better understand how proxy chaining works I think it will be a better idea to share some of its advantages with you.
It is More Secure: Instead of connecting to the internet through just one proxy you will be able to access the internet through several proxies and as a result will enjoy better security.
It is More Reliable: Since you’re using more than one proxy it will be difficult to guess your IP and as a result difficult to hack into your network. Of course, this particular technique has its own vulnerabilities but it is more reliable than using just one proxy.
It is Less Stressful: You don’t have to worry about changing your proxy every hour. A good proxy chain can last longer before you start experiencing problems.

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Disadvantages of Proxy Chaining:

Proxy chaining also has its own disadvantages and I think you should also be aware of them before we continue.
It Can Be Sometimes Slow: The thing about proxy chains is that if a particular proxy isn’t okay it might affect the entire proxy chain. In other words, if a particular proxy in the chain is broken or insecure there is a possibility your overall experience will also be affected.
It Can Take Time: You need to find a lot of proxies; not just proxies but working ones…this takes time and effort.
Proxy Chaining Applications:

Once you’re ready to get started the first step is to look for a good proxy list site like HideMyAss.com and to install applications that can help you enable the proxies. Below are two good proxy applications you might want to try.
1. SOCKS Chain: SOCKS chain is a SOCKS and HTTP proxy chaining software that helps you mask your real identity by combining the effect of a list of proxies.
2. FreeCap: FreeCap is a free anonymous browsing software that supports proxy chaining.
What do you think about the idea of proxy chaining? Have you tried it before? Will you try it anytime soon? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments!

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    I am totally agree with you, the application I am utilizing is iproxyever (iprxoyever.com), whice take the advantage of Tor network and has a easy to use user interface.


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