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How to Export Instagram Photos to Your Computer ?


This post will be focused on how you can easily export your Instagram photos to your computer so that facebook will not destroy them for you. Facebook was reported last two weeks by TAL acquiring Instagram from its two founders for a world record fee of $1billion dollars – a one year old company for $1 billion dollar. That is a great success for the duo of Kevin Systrom and his partner who sold Instagram. Instagram is a mobile phone only photo sharing application that makes sharing photo via mobile smartphone easier. 

The application was first made available for the iPhone users before the developer now made android version of it for all android mobile smartphone users.

After the acquisition of Instagram, many Instagram users have been complaining of how they can easily export their files from Instagram system before Facebook finally takes over everything. They knew that Facebook doesn’t care about privacy much when compared to other social websites out there. So, most of these peoples does not want to be made scapegoat of the situation.

So, for you not to be among those who will be moved to Facebook, I have here guide to show you how to export your Instagram photos and data securely to your computer without wasting time.
The process of exporting your data is very simple if you want to do it and it doesn’t cost you anything to do it. The service I’m about to show you will lets you download your images and photos in .zip file without asking for a single penny from your side before they could allow you to download it.
How to Export Your Instagram Photos to Your Computer Now?:
The name of the service we’re going to use is called Instaport.me. It is a service that was mainly made available for Instagram users to download and export their data with ease. The app lets you download your Instagram file from their server with respect to what you choose to download and what you do not want to download. You can easily select images from the last X days to be downloaded. In addition to that, there’s also an option that lets you download photos with dates, sharing details and some other factors.
So, let me quickly show you how to download your Instagram photos now.

  • Go to Instaport.me and login from there into your Instagram account. 
  • Authenticate Instaport.me to connect with your Instagram account in order to download your photos for you.
  • Once you have done that, and then select the images you wanted to download with option such as: X numbers of days, photos shared by friends etc.
  • Select Export and the file will be downloaded unto your computer’s hard drives.

Hurray! You have just downloaded your Instagram photos, now you can do whatsoever you want to do with it without hassle. And even when facebook finally migrate Instagram to Facebook, you will still be able to access your images but you will have freedom on your images. You can also delete those ones left after the export process.
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