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7 Great Ubuntu One’s Features You May Not Know


Well, Guys Here we are with another Post, in which we gonna mention some great Ubuntu One Features that you not be aware of. Let’s See if you know these before by comments below. Well Talking about Ubuntu One, we can easily use it on any platform, be it Android, iOS, Windows or any other. Ubuntu too provides 5GB of storage for free to its every user. It also has various features for your smartphone like sharing up your pictures and other files online and also streaming music with synchronizing other apps which are being installed before.

Automatically Upload Photos From Your Smartphone:
Now Automatically upload your clicked photos from your smartphones with this great Mobile App to your own Ubuntu One Cloud, that gives you an easy access to your pictures on all mobile devices
Use Ubuntu One on Windows:
You might not know about this feature that, Ubuntu; just not run on Linux only, it can be run on Windows Platform. There exists a Windows Client for Ubuntu which has full support for file synchronization. It’s so user friendly windows that you can even use your Ubunto onto your Windows Operating System with a Windows Client.
Share Files:
Just Head towards the File manager,  Right Click on it, and with that you can easily share your data or any files with your friends or family or with anybody on the internet
Sync Any Folder:
Now,  Let me discuss about the first Feature.  As the Ubuntu Users know that, It synchronizes all the files inside the Ubuntu’s One Folder which is present into your Home Directory. Now you can synchronize any of the folder then just Right click on that folder that you wanna sync and point it to Ubuntu One Menu and then clicking onto Synchronise this folder. Now if you wanna manage your Synchronized folder then you just need to check them up from the Ubuntu One Application.
Mobile Music Streaming:
With Ubuntu, You can do a lot more thinks you expect from your Windows or Mac Operating System as it provides Ubuntu One Music App for iOS and Android Smartphones. This Application helps you to stream your music from your mobile phone and then sharing where ever you wanna do. Even you can listen your music files offline by caching those files on your smartphone. It costs just and just $4 per month that also provides you with 20GB of free Storage but one annoying thing in this is that you can try that free of cost for the first 30 days only. 
Limit Bandwidth:
Now With Ubuntu as you all be knowing that it uses all the available bandwidth for all downloads and some uploads too, but you could restrict your upload feature with download speed if you are there on a slow internet connection. On settings pane there exists all the bandwidth settings that you wanna change , so change it and have fun.
So Hope you like the way I presented this above list, may be this be known by many but still I guess not that’s why sharing it with my valuable readers! 
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