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Best Android Apps To Boost Your Memory

There is not any life without good memory power. There is no meaning of life, if we can’t remember the simple things, happening daily in our life. Science has shown that if a person does not have a good memory, then it can be improved with certain methods. Human only utilizes 1% of his total capability. This is where applications to boost human’s memory power comes into the picture. Our smartphone can be of great help in boosting our memory. The following post contains the list of the Android apps that can turn your Android into the human memory optimize. So let’s have a look at the 5 best apps to increase our brain power.

Boost Memory with Android Apps

1. Memory Trainer:

Memory Trainer

This is by far the best Android app that I have come across which serves to boost your memory power. The app comes with many tips and exercises. Memory trainer for android covers about 20 lengthy sessions. The difficulty level increases as you move ahead passing the previous level successfully. The game has been downloaded little over 5 million times so far and is still going on strong. The number of downloads speaks for its popularity and usefulness. It also comes with graphical report features, that shows you the improvement of your memory in the graphical form.

2. Brain Power: How To Improve:

Brain Power

The app comes preloaded with no. of tips that can help you in improving your brain power. Brain power for android also has no. of meticulous brain exercises that can help you in boosting your memory with regular workouts. It can turn your Android into a virtual brain trainer. You can also play various puzzle games of varied difficulty level to test your skill. It includes all the necessary vitamins, minerals and food to improve your memory.

3. Math Workout:

Math Workout

It is a proven fact that by solving the puzzling questions of Maths, one can increase one’s memory immaculately. Developer of this app knows that math is not the forte of every person. Every student has a fear of Math but you can now overcome that fear with this app. The app comes with little puzzle games of Math that requires you to solve some mathematical operations to move on to the next levels and to improve your memory consequently. By solving the mathematical problems, you will not only be improving your memory but also improving your skills in tough subject, Math.

4. Mind Games:

Mind Games

The best way to improve your memory power is by playing the small puzzle games. There are many puzzle games that you can download from the Google Play. But this appeases your work by providing all the games in a single packet. The app comes with the 16 puzzle games with 100+ levels of different difficulty. Math games, puzzle games, word games etc. are part of this app. You can select any game of your choice and can start improving your memory while enjoying the game.

5. Brain Lab:

Brain Lab

Test your memory power with this awesome app. Just play the puzzle game that comes with this app and it will give you marks according to your memory skills. You can also compare the marks with your friends to check that who has the fastest brain. You can even compare with other users of this app, from all over the globe. If your memory’s scores are low, then it will give you tips to improve it.

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