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Search Engines Not Essential for Web Traffic

With millions of websites floating in cyberspace, covering every imaginable topic or subject from ants to airplanes, everyone is fighting tooth and nail for exposure. Online exposure mostly depends on search engines (Mainly Google). Some webmasters try shortcuts like stuffed keywords, duplicate or spun articles etc. that has come to be known as black hat techniques. But there is always the risk of getting blocked by search engines once their deeds are discovered.
Others prefer to stay straight and go with accepted methods such as Original content, bookmarks, link exchanges and a host of white hat SEO techniques. In the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google’s Webmaster Guidelines hold a very important place as they can contribute quite well to a person’s SEO knowledge.
Most SEO practitioners focus on guidelines and things like sitemap, page loading time, robots.txt file etc. SEO has become a major trend. Everyone who can are availing SEO services and trying to improve ranking in the result pages of search engines. However some webmasters and online marketing experts have began raising the question- is it possible to use other traffic sources and ignore search engines? The answer is, there are certain non SEO methods that can garner attention and traffic to your website.

Wikipedia is one of the most popular sources for information and reference on the web. The best thing is anyone can contribute and become a Wikipedia editor. You can search Google to find out whether any section related to your keyword needs expansion by using- “en.wikipedia.org “this section requires expansion” + keyword”. Your keyword can be anything, simply anything. Every Wikipedia entry with that word that has a section which requires expansion will then come up. Then create a related article on your website. Next you will have to become a Wikipedia editor. Using the editor software may take some time to adapt. Now edit the section by filling it out with the knowledge you acquired while creating the article. Your original article has to be cited as a source. Among visitors who are checking out that Wikipedia section, some will visit the original source, that is the article on your site.
Blog Comments:
Many people underestimate the potential of blogs as a traffic source. First find out a blog that is related with your field and which is read by people regularly. Find the most recent post which has not yet received too many comments. Now post a substantial comment. Not something like the blog is good. Leave a genuine comment that directly relates to the post. If possible raise a question or two. Once you’ve done this, regularly Keep track of the URL. Go through them and see if your comment is live. If it is live, keep checking to see if anyone has replied to you. It could be the admin or someone else. If they have, reply again so that you can start an interaction. It is possible to get many referrals to your websites from links in your blog comments. If people like what you are saying, they will check you out. If the blog owner checks you out, you will get more opportunities on the web.
Less dependence on Google is not at all harmful; rather it opens up new avenues.

About the Guest Author:
Currently Ashwin serves as the president of Narayan Marketing Systems. Narayan Marketing Systems is one of the top marketing consultant companies in the USA specializing in helping small businesses, large corporations, and non-profit organizations see tremendous growth. Some say Ashwin has the Midas touch, but the truth is that marketing is a solid mix of four proven marketing concepts. It isn’t magical, but when it all comes together it makes your sales people feel like there is magic in the air!.
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