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How WordPress security issues of can be resolved?

WordPress possesses 40% ownership of blogs out of 100% blogger websites. Therefore the possession, which is equal to 20%, goes to WordPress from all around the World Wide Web. This is really a very big achievement for WordPress and thus the future developers can imagine that WordPress platform is going to evolve further with more advanced features.
The website hosting is quite popular there the security issues must be more because the popular is prone to attacks and risks.
The WordPress owners have been losing access to their websites and there have been many cases till now. The part of the domain or the entire domain is hijacked and thus in this article we will discuss regarding the problems and the solutions to those problems. These solutions will make it more secure and safe without messing with the source code. Let us start with discussing some security problems.
Security problems:
These security issues mainly occurs when the user tweak through the installation process and the addition of new plug-ins and themes applied with WordPress creates many problems. The platform must be installed very carefully and the things installed along with the installation process must not be given priority and you must be cautious while you are updating new stuff for the first time to your website.

The username and passwords create major problems while installing the platform. Buggy codes, low quality plug-ins are quite enough to crash the entire blog. There are also free themes with shady codes which also disturbs the security issues. All these security issues can be removed if we consider while installing the platform.
Improved security steps:
Keep the latest up to date version of WordPress. Never apply old version of WordPress since they are not well maintained with security updates. The latest version like 2.7 gives a clear picture of automatic updates to make the process easy and up to date.
Report the issue at once if you see any flaw or bug in WordPress because the vulnerability issues are not clear to everyone and thus these bugs can create security problems
Network security is also needed to be maintained to send passwords and unencrypted connections. Client and server side must be taken into confidence before they exchange something important among them.
Keep the passwords quite strong. Never store passwords with your name, company name and avoid using only alphabets and numbers. It must be a mixture of numeric and alphanumeric characters.
Writing access must not be given by the web and lock the permission if in case you needed to allow them to write and create subfolders with purposes of uploading files.

It is easy to procrastinate before you move on because hacking experts can always find some way to hack your website seo agency Italia and thus regular backups must be maintained to any blogger’s housekeeping list.

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