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The Best Apple Apps for Readers and Writers

Whether you are an aspiring writer, a published author or a reader by hobby, you will find some of the following apps a marvelous comfort!  While it can be said that movies and television were the death of reading, with the advent of Internet communication and eReader, tablet PCs, we are experiencing a resurrection of the written word.

Apps for Reading: 
For starters, you want to make sure that you are capable of reading any book or multimedia file you come across.  The best apps for this are naturally Nook or Kindle, affiliated with the two giants of contemporary literature, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  (Now, even more important than the publishing houses!)  There is also a third option, Google Books for Android, just in case you’re going against the Apple grain.  All of these eBook readers allow you to download and read eBooks, magazines, newspapers and other publications, using a tablet or smartphone. 

There are also a few other apps to consider that will make your reading hobby easier to become accustomed to.  Instapaper allows you to store articles for later reading, while you’re “offline.”  You can also highlight key passages for later viewing.  You can also use apps like Pulse or Flud to grab articles on the web and store them, and even categorize them by topic and publication.  Last but not least for reading, there’s Zite, which learns your reading preferences based on ratings and then makes book recommendations. 

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Apps for Writing:
When it comes to brainstorming, free and fluid expression is best.  So plan to use Evernote, the organization program that can help you create, curate and capture notes in a simple and fast way.  Along the same lines, iPad Paper offers the chance to draw, brainstorm and story board your ideas.

While you might not like iAWriter at first glance (it has no formatting at all) you may eventually grow to appreciate it as a sort of handwriting tool for the modern age.  You simply type down ideas and then upload them to a cloud server for later editing.  

EasyBib is definitely going to be appreciated by writing professionals, who must often check rules for writing styles; namely MLA, APA or Chicago format.  All you have to do is scan the bar code or type the name of the book to auto generate a reference.  Are you tired of using the same word over and over again?  Then opt for Dictionary 10 which gives you the Oxford Dictionary online. 

With Grammar App HD, your tablet PC is just getting cocky!  Yes, you can actually have the system check your awful grammar (sad, ain’t it?) and make recommendations for improving sentence structure.  When it’s time to actually sit down and write, check out Pages and Clean Writer.  Better yet, iWork can actually do the unthinkable and open and save those ghastly DOC files from Microsoft Word.

Talk Your Problems Through:
There are at least three exciting apps for readers and writers who love the spoken word when used in connection with writing.  The iSpeech app allows you to send text (such as character dialogue) and let you listen to it performed by specialty voices.  You can even download different accents and dialects including Bush and Obama!  ClaroSpeak is another program that offers text to speech technology. 

Lastly, why not take a breather and let your spoken words do the writing for you?  With Dragon Dictation you can actually have the iPad or iPhone save dictation and convert your words into text. 

Now is an exciting time to be a reader and a writer—in a world that makes reading easy and fun once again!

About the Guest Author:
Helene Lazarenco is a dedicated writer at Kepard.com. She is passionate by Technology, Security software and Blogging. Don’t forget to try out probably the best VPN (warning: totally different.)

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I'm founder of Toptechtune Network and toptechtune.com, Pro blogger and Entrepreneur. Passion by tech blogger and designer.

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