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#1 ScreenCamera, The cool gadget that turns your desktop into a webcam [ GIVE AWAY – closed]

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PCWinSoft is giving away free licenses of ScreenCamera, the ultimate virtual camera screen recorder and webcam recorder software. ScreenCamera costs $49.95 but in this promotion you get it for free.

ScreenCamera is a vital gadget everybody can benefit from: There is life before ScreenCamera and life after ScreenCamera. Why? Because before ScreenCamera all you can do is share your face one program at a time, and after ScreenCamera you can share your face and your desktop on multiple applications simultaneously.

After you install and run ScreenCamera for a little while you will get hooked and never want to go back to life before ScreenCamera.

Didn’t you ever have the intention to show something that is sitting on your desktop while you are in a video conference call? And then you couldn’t so you had to put it all into words? Well, after ScreenCamera you don’t have that issue anymore: You can share the contents of your desktop and not only full-screen, you can quickly zoom into the part you want to show.

ScreenCamera comes with a minimalistic user interface with quick access buttons that make ScreenCamera’s operation intuitive and natural with an almost zero learning curve. Right out the box you quickly figure out how to use it and how to configure it and from then on it is all fun.

ScreenCamera is mainly a screen recorder to narrate tutorials with the twist that you can transform your narrated tutorials into real-time live screencasts because ScreenCamera is compatible with all video conference software whether it is a desktop application such as Skype or a cloud based application such as UStream.tv or LiveStream, ScreenCamera got your back.

ScreenCamera can record any content from your desktop so it can also record high-motion content such as movies played inside media players and web browsers.

A cool feature about ScreenCamera is the Picture in Picture technology that ScreenCamera supports so that you can have desktop capture and webcam capture together on the same video output at the same time.
ScreenCamera is extremely lightweight and it even has a smart mode so you can have ScreenCamera running all the time because when you are using other applications ScreenCamera stops using CPU cycles and then when you need ScreenCamera it is there for you to utilize it.

Last but not least ScreenCamera comes equipped with a powerful scheduler. ScreenCamera scheduler can be programmed to record and take puctures automatically in every each way timely possible, so you can set it to record and take pictures every day at a certain period, or 2 periods every Monday, or 1 period every Monday and Saturday, choices are all possible time combinations. And ScreenCamera.Net scheduler supports multiple tasks.

ScreenCamera is essential to any PC user simply because it opens a window on your PC for you to share your desktop with the World and it also allows you to use your webcam on multiple applications so ScreenCamera is a life saver anyone and everyone can benefit from.

ScreenCamera will run on 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256mb of memory.

To receive your free copy of ScreenCamera simply register here

How to enter free licenses of ScreenCamera giving away contest ?

# Duration: Starting from Nov 4 to Nov 17. The winner will be announced on Nov 18th.
# Winning: All you need to do to enter is to follow the Punchtab and post a quality comment with your email.

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