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The Top 7 Inch Tablets on the Market

7 Inch Tablets
The seven inch tablet is the latest mobile device to take the global technology world by storm. Last year, Amazon debuted its souped up “e-reader,” the Kindle Fire, for an affordable price. A year has changed plenty including many more options for those who want to invest in a tablet that is both cost effective and essential for today’s on-the-go tech lover.

The Amazon Fire HD:

Kindle Fire HD

One of the best selling seven inch devices is the new Amazon Kindle HD. The newer version of last year’s model now features a must for any competitive tablet- a front facing camera. The old Fire, while nice, lacked any real design that made it comparable to the iPad. Of course, it was smaller and more affordable, but people were not able to Skype with loved ones across the globe. The new Fire also boasts HD technology with a better and faster screen. The internal processor was also upgraded to increase the overall speed and functions of the Fire. The case is also sleeker and more light weight. The Fire HD is kept at the same price point as last years model- an affordable $199, and the old Fire has now dropped to the bargain price of $159. You can save even more money if you do not want to get the latest edition. While the new version of the simple Fire claims that it has an improved memory and processor, it still lacks the draw of the HD. Besides, what is 30 more bucks if you get increased specs and a camera? If you are the market for a great seven inch tablet, but you want to keep some money in the bank, then you cannot go wrong with the Fire HD.
In addition to its price point, you will have access to the Amazon online store. This is one of Fire’s biggest draws- instant entertainment. This means hundreds of free applications and books (for those who plan to actually read on it). Plus, there is Amazon Prime which offers users unlimited access to books, videos, movies, music, and more. A one month subscription is included with every purchase. After that, it is $79 for the year. You cannot beat that when you consider the yearly price of Netflix or rentals. The Amazon Fire HD remains at the top of its game for tablets of this size.
The Google Nexus:
Google Nexus 7″
The Nexus is Google’s answer to the ever ubiquitous tablet. However, it has quite the little package to back up a solid claim as one of the best on the market. The Nexus is an Android powered tablet that has full range of the Google market. People in the technology know claim that this is the best seven incher around. It is hard to argue when it is priced at an affordable $250. Plus, it features 32 GB of storage which practically the size of a small country when compared to the Fire’s paltry 8 GB.
The Nexus features a brilliantly fast 3 quad-core processor that makes it quick and smooth when in use. Its battery life is an amazing 10 hours for video and Internet usage, and 300 for stand by time. It also has a 1280-by-800 high-resolution display for crisp clear pictures. Plus, it also has a front and rear facing camera.
Google Play is one of the reasons the Nexus is deemed the most powerful seven inch tablet around. It is puts it as strong competitor for Amazon Prime. Now, the Nexus is even more relevant as it was just released as a mobile data option. This means that one can use it anywhere anytime as long as they have a 4G connection. There is no broadband or account required to power it either! The only thing you will have to pay is a measly $50 more for the new 32 GB mobile connected Nexus. Overall, this 7 inch tablet is a strong contender for the “Best of Show” prize.
The Nook HD:
The Nook HD
The poor little Nook has struggled to garner attention from the scene stealing Fire and Nexus. The Nook Color was actually one of the first e-readers to become more like a tablet with color wifi capability. However, it has had a hard time keeping up with those that came after it. That said, the latest edition of the Nook Color features a brilliant HD screen. Its slim design is more streamlined than its previous versions. Its processor is very similar to the Fire, and it is the same price at just under 200 dollars.
The main difference between the Nook and the Fire HD is that lacks the front facing camera. Amazon made a brilliant update to its latest Fire with that addition. Despite this, the Nook HD is a great little device priced to sell. It boasts that it is the lightest in its class, and the best for families. If you are looking for a simple to use mobile device, then this may be the one for you.
Still unsure what to get? Why not spend a little more and buy the one that started it all- the iPad. The mini iPad is nearly eight inches and starts at $329.

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