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The 5 Strangest Apps for Your Android

Strangest android Apps
Ok so we all love exploring apps with our Android. And why not, since that is probably the reason that we are so happy to own Androids in the first place. Apps and the amazing world of the Android Marketplace is definitely one thing that has us all glued to our Android phones, the other being the constant fear of Android spy apps. But while all users flirt with the dangerous side of the tech world, there are a lot of bizarre apps to delve into, bizarre enough to get anyone curious and checking them out.

There is no real need to play all that safe all the time anyway. Get some good reviewed anti-spyware for Android and anti-cell phome monitoring  app and you should be able to have fun in no time. Here are five mind boggling ones to get you started.
   Now this is, simply put, a burp soundboard. The grossness factor on this one is pretty high and asides the ladies, a lot of gentleman will find it greatly distasteful. For everyone else, it’s fun if you want to creep the heck out of the squeamish and well mannered. The quality of the sounds is pretty high standard though they are recordings or real life burps.
  Honestly this app is more strange than all out bizarre, but nonetheless it is here on this top 5 for a reason. This app is supposed to be used to hypnotize people around you. The reason it is so weird is that it claims that using the spirals and sounds it supplies will affect those around you to the extent that you can actually brainwash them. Simply command them to do something while using these effects on them. Sounds like the best chance you have is just making it out of the person’s reach as they attempt to smack you for using this.

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3.Choice of Pee:
  The name itself ought to be enough to get your eyebrows raised. But it’s actually not that bad. Well, maybe it is. It is basically just a matching up game. All you have to do is match up similar icons on the interface. The toilet theme comes in when you look at the pictures of what you have to match. The men, women, aliens, dogs, and people in wheelchairs are all based on toilet door signs. Go figure.
4.Nose Candy:
  Not sure whether this app is an attempt to reduce drug addiction or just to fulfill some strange fantasy someone had about what it would feel like to do cocaine. Definitely one of those apps you are sure can only be approved on the Android Market and nowhere else. Apparently, users can pretend to sniff fake cut up cocaine. The app draws levels of difficulty and vibrates when you’ve reached that level’s intoxication point.
5.Demotivational Pics+:
  This app is only a novel type of bizarre if you have been away from the internet for a really long period of time. Otherwise you would already be well versed with the pictures with bad memes being sported on almost every other social networking account. With this app you can have them daily on your Android too
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