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Henge Docks’ Horizontal Docking Station for MacBook Computers


Henge Docks
Henge Docks is a San Francisco, California based company that made first line comprehensive docking stations on Apple’s computers and devices. At CES 2013, they launched their new product that MacBook users have all been waiting for. It’s the Horizontal docking station that would allow MacBook users to transition their device from portable to a desktop workstation. Let’s take a look.

Horizontal docking station overall look and build:
At first glance, you would notice that it has solid and premium build, while looking classy and decent at the same time to match Apple’s build on their computers. It has a smooth metallic chassis finish that looks really fantastic. Looking at the dock, on the right hand side, you’ll notice a power button, and the outer corners of the dock are exhaust grills. While on the left inner corner are some I/O’s to get the dock going. Moreover, at the front is just some shielding to help secure your device. Whereas, at the back of the dock are one of the main reason why you want to buy something like this. You have the different I/O ports that you can use to expand the capabilities of your MacBook Pro.

Horizontal docking station specifications:
Now at the back of the Horizontal docking station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display, you’ll see six USB 3.0 ports, three external displays, Kensington lock, two audio devices, an Ethernet connection, SD card slot, a FireWire 800 out, and Power in port.
If you’re not familiar what these I/O’s do, basically, a USB 3.0 port allows you to transfer a data at much faster speed than the traditional USB 2.0 port as long as you have a compatible USB 3.0 thumb drive or devices for that matter. Then the external displays are there to take advantage of your MacBook Pro with Retina Display to hook up to three additional monitors so you could use it as a huge working station. Another feature is the Kensington lock that safeguards the Horizontal docking station and at the same time adds another level of security especially to the latest MacBook Pro models that does not come with Kensington lock out of the box. What it does is after latching a Kensington lock on it; your MacBook can be locked into place which gives you the option of locking it using a password. So it’s either you manually remove the Kensington lock attached, or enter the correct password is the only time that the undock function unlocks. Moreover, the dual audio ports allow users to switch from multiple audio input and output. 
iPad place on Henge Dock
Here’s more, at CES 2013, Henge Docks also introduced another line of product to dock your iPad, iPhone, or iPod no problem. It’s the Gravitas. The Gravitas features an all-metal construction that weighs up to almost one kilogram that allows the Gravitas to stay in place once you undock your device. This dock is fairly small, about 3 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall to help you maximize your desk space. At the back of the device is a USB out for power and an audio out to plug in headsets or speakers. It also features swappable inserts to fit your iPad, iPhone, or iPod into it. Furthermore, it is angled perfectly at 7 degrees to enhance your Face time experience.

Overall, these are great products, especially for Apple devices, and MacBook users that have been longing for high quality docks. The Horizontal dock for MacBook Pro is priced at $249 that is available for preorder and ships around the third quarter in 2013. It also has a Thunderbolt enabled version that will be available in the fourth quarter of 2013 and is approximately priced at $349. Additionally, the Gravitas will be priced at $69.
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