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7 Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 to Beat iPhone5


The launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 has created a stir in the market since its inception. The official launch of this fourth generation Galaxy smartphone is full of surprises, right from the make to features; but Samsung has still managed to hide some of the amazing features beneath to give the last minute shock to the anticipating consumers. Here are 7 features of Samsung Galaxy S4 which are all aimed at beating the pride of iPhone5.

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1. Dual Camera: 
The excitement of being in a video chat while capturing the activities around with a same device is not something very common. But with Samsung Galaxy S4, you have the opportunity to use both the front and rear snapper at the same time. Users can also blend different real-time shots from both the cameras as a feature of TouchWiz, a technology that sets Samsung Android products apart from Apple and other competitors.

2. S Translator: 
The Unpacked event in NYC experienced a new birth as Samsung Galaxy S4 saw the first light. Now, as we have said before, it’s a carnival of features and applications among which S-Translator deserves a special mention. You may wonder what’s so interesting about this translating app when you have your own preferences. But do your translating apps can translate printed words, offer text-to-speech and speech-to-text functionality? Can they be your real-time interpreter while you are in a foreign land? Most probably, not. But S-Translator does all these activities and is available in 9 major languages.
3. S-Health: 
On March 15, Samsung announced the launch of its newest smartphone Galaxy S4 bundled with head-turning features. One such is its S-Health application which will track different health metrics like calorie intake, workout amount etc. It can also be synced with accessories like Body Scale, S Band and HRM (heart rate monitor) etc.
4.Screen Mirroring: 
Another excellent feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 is its mirror-reflect screen protector which can work like a true mirror when you lock the touchscreen. So it’s a vanity option for girls who just love to make sure that they look good always. The iPhone users are not lucky to use their phones for mirroring for the matte finished screen.
5.NFC or Near Field Communication: 
The much excitement is about the NFC battery coming with Samsung Galaxy S4 that is removable. A leaked image gives us the idea that the 2,600mAh with other specifications like 3.8V 9.88Wh, Near Field Communication ensuring wireless charging capability.
6.Removable Battery:
Unlike iPhones where it’s beyond imagination to open the back cover and bring out the battery, Galaxy S4 comes with a removable battery which can be charged with wireless charging pad.
7.Air Touch:
Probably, the most popular anticipation about Samsung Galaxy S4 is its Air Touch features. The tech geeks say that to preview the home screen content, a user does not anymore have to touch the screen. Rather just by swiping a finger can do the magic. Not only for preview purposes, the Air Touch facility enables users to navigate across the screen, shift photos, browse through net just by a hovering hand.

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