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Google Cloud Connect Farewell Tune, Which Alternative to Choose?

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It’s not been so long since Google has entered the arena of cloud computing. But however, they have come, seen, and conquered. The world has become mostly dependent on cloud computing these days, especially those who require the same files to be available in more than one space. Microsoft, as a giant has come against Google offering cloud storage and there are other options as well.What is Google Cloud Connect? – This question must be bugging your mind.

In nutshell, it is actually a plug in for MS Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint software. Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 supports Google Cloud Connect and you can share and edit files from this plugin. Why are we looking for alternatives? You’ll know that at the end. A worthy opponent against this plug in isMicrosoft Share Point, but however we still looked if there were any other alternatives and yes, we have found some for you. Here we talk about all of them.

SharePoint Foundation:

microsoft sharepoint
As alternatives, businesses can now use the SharePoint Foundation. This software was designed keeping the small industries or businesses in mind; just pick the free/unlicensed version and if you meet the hardware and software requirements, you can flawlessly run this software. Despite of being free, this software is rich in features; allows the individuals to coordinate projects, create blogs, make schedules, and 50 more major features.

hyper office
HyperOffice is a good alternative to both Google Cloud Connect and Microsoft Share Point. This software is very robust, offers unique solutions and you only need an average speed internet connection and a computer to avail all these services. It also provides email functionality, Gantt charts etc. which was missing in the Share Point.


Looking for one of the best cloud collaboration software? This one certainly deserves to be one of them. The developers kept user ease and convenience in mind and this resulted in a software that manages every content so smoothly. You can distribute the projects and then track the progresses, milestone payments, late projects and reassigning projects, and easy collaboration of all these. And additional feature of this software, you get this software in the iOS and the BlackBerry platforms.


This software is not free but it’s very much affordable. Buying this software won’t empty your whole wallet but will offer a service which is all worth it. Small business owners can find this useful as it offers file storage and management, content collaboration over the cloud etc. You can even share and synchronize your desktop with other PCs.
Google Apps:
We are not going to talk about a bunch of Google Apps, it is a single software. Like all other Google services, this also offers simple UI and easy navigation, operation, collaboration. You also get RSS feeds, free conference calls, advanced searches etc. Google is indeed the best search engine and their software will have a search engine integration, isn’t this natural?
So why did we discuss all these alternatives? Because Google is going to shut down their Cloud Connect Service, and before you get yourself into trouble, you should get acquainted with any of these alternatives.
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