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The Upcoming Smartphone Era (Ubuntu, Firefox OS and Tizen)


Can you imagine your life without a smartphone? Well, you probably can’t. A research recently revealed that almost 87% people own a smartphone which is running Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android Operating System. This clearly shows that the Smartphone market is right now dominated by two major operating systems which include Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS whereas all the other 13% of smartphones are whether  Windows, Bada, Blackberry OS, Symbian or Chrome OS. However, Windows Phone got a bit attention in the market after the release of Windows phone 8 but it was still not enough to overcome the two giants – Android and iOS. There was also a time when both these giants did not even exist but who knew that they are the next ones to take over the whole mobile phone market. Enough of the ado now, let’s get back to our topic for today which is a detailed discussion on the upcoming smartphone era, or to be more exact, the future smartphone operating systems which might overwhelm Android and iOS.

As we are going to discuss the upcoming smartphone operating systems in this article, therefore operating systems which are already in use will not be discussed for example Chrome operating system, blackberry 10 and Windows 8. More after the hop –

Ubuntu Touch OS:
If you are one of those tech enthusiasts who are always updated with the news related to tech then you might have heard about this Ubuntu Touch OS. In fact, its developers preview was also released just a few weeks back while creating a great overhaul among the tech enthusiasts. Ubuntu Touch operating system is actually the mobile version of the standard Ubuntu OS for PC’s just like Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS. The minimum System requirements for Ubuntu OS to run on a smartphone are as following –

Minimum Requirements:
·        1GHz Processor (Dual Core Cortex A-9)
·        512 MB RAM
Release: October 2013

Firefox OS:
The second smartphone OS which is likely to enter the upcoming smartphone era comes to us from the developers of Mozilla Firefox Web Browser. It might seem a bit weird that a Web Browser type thing is running on your smartphone, but trust me, it’s not the case because the developers also claim that this OS has the ability to transform websites into apps (it surely is a development of a web browser company). Here are the minimum requirements for Firefox OS to run on a smartphone –

Minimum Requirements:
·       256 MB RAM
·       Single Core 800 MHz Processor
Release – April, May or June of 2013

This smartphone OS dubbed as Tizen is actually a replacement of the old-style Bada OS and therefore, will most likely be manufactured by Samsung. However, this time, it is a lot better than the Bada OS as Tizen is powered by the developers of Linux. Most importantly, the thing which amazed me was that this OS is not only for smartphones but also for Car’s, tablets and Smart TV’s. Believe me folks; Tizen will be way better then its predecessor, which is the Bada OS. Right now, we don’t have any news or information regarding the minimum system requirements for the OS to run on your smartphone, however, we do have the information regarding Tizen’s release date –
Release DateJuly-August of 2013

These are the only Operating systems which are likely to come around this year in the smartphone market. Perhaps, there are more innovative Operating Systems to come the next year, well, let’s wait and watch. 

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