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You Can Now Get $1000 Credit for Google App Engine – Apply Before 30 April Right Now!

Android has been dominating the whole smartphone market ever since its release in 2008. At first, it was Apple’s iPhone which was on everyone’s mouth whenever someone took into consideration the smartphone giant. Although, I agree that Apple was the trend setter for touch screen smartphones and Google kind of followed their trend – but still, Google gained colossal popularity in the field of smartphones due to its nifty OS – Android.

I still remember the time when Apple’s app store was on everyone’s head and almost every other tech geek claimed that they wished to become an Apple app developer. However, the craving to become an Apple developer did not remain for long, because in 2008 after the release of the first Android OS. A lot of tech enthusiasts diverted their attention to Android and while the Android users increased – the demand for Android apps also increased. And at this stage, Android surely won its laurels in the field of app development due to its easy developer hub and wider range of facilities along with more probability to gain profit via apps. Therefore, ever since 2008, Android did not only gain popularity among the smartphone enthusiasts but also got fame among the app developers. And trust me people, I see plethora of people asking me for finding them an Android app developer, as a matter of fact, I being an Android enthusiast find excessive jobs for Android app development.

So, due to this high demand of Android app developers, a lot of young tech enthusiasts and students now have a really strong passion to become an android app developer and settle up their careers.

If you are also one of those successful Android app developer wannabes, then go ahead and start developing apps now. But you might be thinking that how will you invest so much? Who will help you? Where will the guidance come from? Well, no worrying now, all these things will be provided to you by Google itself with their App Engine cloud platform.

Google’s app engine is an app development platform which is provided by Google itself, it facilitates the users with easy tools to develop an app which in fact makes the programming of the app easier. Furthermore, the scaling of the app and managing of the app also becomes way more easier with Google app engine.

And now here comes the main big thing in this Google App Engine program – Google is now giving away $1000 free credit to Google App Engine start-ups till 30th April via affiliate codes, and yes! You got it right; we have one code right here for you. But first, head over to the official App Engine website by following this link and click on apply, and when they ask for verification code – enter DR-03. And now, you will be good to go. You will now have your developer account set up with Google App engine, along with free $100 credit.
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