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Just Wait For Galaxy S4 Nexus Version


This year’s Google I/O conference unveiled the Nexus version of the popular Samsung Galaxy 4. This version of the phone will run a vanilla Android OS (Jelly Bean) and will cost 650 USD. So why pay a higher price for essentially the same phone (Galaxy S4)? This article will explain why you might want to consider getting this phone instead of its twin.
SGS4 Nexus

What Makes it Different?
The Samsung Galaxy 4 is the most recent incarnation of the popular Galaxy line of phones. What makes a Nexus version different from the regular one available through GSM carriers is that the operating system (Android) is unlocked and doesn’t have any other installed apps besides this operating system.
So what does this mean? Well unlocked phones are primarily used by developers who intend to modify their phone from the start. There are articles out there that tell you how to modify whatever phone you have, even if it isn’t a Nexus version, but why go through the hassle—and the voiding of your carriers contract—to unlock a locked phone?
Also, the Nexus version of the Galaxy S4 will receive system updates regularly when they come out. Unlike typical phones purchased through carriers, the vanilla version of Android receives updates without having to wait for the carrier to release them. This allows developers to get a head start on developing for the most up-to-date phone while everybody else is still using an older version; but for consumers buying this phone, they will also give them the latest features that come with having a cutting edge system.
Lastly, this phone is pricier than its locked twin because the user is paying the full cost of the phone, not receiving a discount from the carrier in exchange for being locked into a 2 year contract. By purchasing the phone outright, the user has the ability to choose which GSM carrier they like for their phone, which might be one of the ones outside of the big 3 of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.
So Why Should You Wait?
By having your phone unlocked, you are able to get the latest, most up-to-date software available when they come out. There is no waiting period. Many people experienced this wait whenever the most recent incarnation of Android came out and have waited months for the update. You won’t have this problem. Also, with an unlocked phone there is no limitation on what carrier you have to use (outside of them being GSM). All that is needed is an operating SIM card and you can switch out the previous one for a new one and ride the carrier that is associated with it. This is great for international travel as you’re not locked into a plan that needs to be upgraded for international calling. Lastly, you’re getting the features of an unlocked phone without the burden of having to void your contract. Phones that are unlocked forcefully (jailbroken) become warranty-less. This is definitely a problem when considering the delicate nature of phones. The price is a factor, but if you require freedom, updates, and a warrant then you might as well wait for the Galaxy S4 Nexus version.
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