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LinkVehicle Driving Traffic and Money to Your Site


The marketplace for online services continues to grow as more and more people use the web to conduct business and earn a living. LinkVehicle is a site that brings together  advertisers, publishers, and bloggers so that they may utilize each other’s services to build value. This article will review the LinkVehicle site and discuss how this service will help those looking to boost their SEO.

Overview of LinkVehicle:
LinkVehicle is essentially a marketplace for advertisers, publishers, and bloggers. Since internet marketing requires links directed back at a particular site, LinkVehicle aims to bring together the forces that make this happen and create an environment where these services can be purchased.
The priority for LinkVehicle is for advertisers; they are the ones that spend money for SEO gains to their products and require others to aid them in this endeavour. For publishers and bloggers, the demand brought on by advertisers to bring traffic to their site manifests itself as opportunities for these individuals to get paid by helping them.
The following sections will go over what LinkVehicle has to offer to their audience and how it benefits them.
For Advertisers:
As previously mentioned, this site is primarily for advertisers looking to get links to their site so that they are more visible in search engine results. What LinkVehicle offers in this regard is a marketplace where advertisers can look at different publishers and bloggers and pay to have their ads either shown on a publisher site or their product/service reviewed by a blogger. The inevitable outcome of this obviously links to the advertiser’s site.
For Publishers:
The first thing that publishers should be aware of is that there are quality standards that need to be met before being accepted by LinkVehicle. Only after a publisher is accepted can they start putting the text-link ads on their site that generate revenue. Speaking of revenue, it is split 50/50. Publishers seem to have a very passive form of revenue from LinkVehicle.
For Bloggers:
Bloggers must go through a similar process as publishers in that they have to be accepted before they can offer their services, however, the services offered is somewhat different. While it is still based around providing a link to an advertisers, a blogger writes a review as opposed to placing a text-link ad on their site. Bloggers get paid per review. And they looking for minimum (Google Page Rank)PR 2 blogs. 
Some Particulars:
     The ads placed on publisher’s sites are static, text-link ads.
  Payment to publishers and bloggers occur the 1st of every month and must surpass a $10 USD threshold to be withdrawn.
     Advertisers will be able to track the URL of publishers and bloggers after payment is received and/or the blog review is accepted.
     Text-links are searchable by robots
Overall, LinkVehicle is a service that people looking to either gain links or money can participate in to achieve those ends. There is a number to call and a email to contact for problems, questions, and comments. This site has won the award “Best in Search” by TopSEOs which does add credit to their marketplace.
In regards to a first impression, LinkVehicle has a simple design with not a lot of content on their pages. Their aim is to attract people and  get them  signed up utilizing an “easy” approach–which is likely to receive the curiosity of more than a handful of advertisers, publishers, and bloggers. Since backlinks are effective in the way LinkVehicle offers them, if there is a deal to be made for easy links, then a deal will be made.
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