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Top 10 White Hat Hacking Rewards

Top 10 White Hat Hacking Rewards

What are White Hat Hackers?
The term White Hat Hacker must not be confused with normal Hacking or Hackers who violate legal laws. The term mainly refers to ethical computer hackers or may be a computer security expert who may specialize in testing methods to penetrate the security programs of any software or may be any organization’s information systems and find out loop holes in them.

Importance and Need of White Hat Hackers
One of the best way to improve you company’s security network is to hire Hackers. But it is not practically possible to hire all the best hackers as different hackers may have different methods to crack the security. So the companies have come up with a new idea of “Big Bounty Programs” which helps them in improving their System Security. In these programs various experts and hackers try to find out the vulnerabilities in the website or applications that are given as a target to them, and they are rewarded for it if they are successful in doing so.

Many companies offers Big Bounty or we can say White Hat Hacking Rewards. Top ten among them are:

1. Google
Google promises its White Hack Hackers a reward ranging from $500- $20,000 depending upon the vulnerability level that the hacker discovers. In order to receive the award, the vulnerability must qualify the different conditions stated by the company. The Whit Hat Hacker will also get his or her name entered in the Hall of Fame if he is successful.

2. Facebook
There is no doubt in the fact that Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites all around the globe. But the site has face with many problems in its security in the past few years. Therefore the company has introduced the White Hat Hacking program in which the Hacker receives a minimum of $500 reward from the company. The reward provided by the company depends upon the severity of the bug as well as creativity of the expert.

3. Microsoft
Microsoft has recently expanded its participating pool for the White hat rewards and Bypass bounty for their defense. The people participating in the program may also include other individuals as well as organizations who are capable in turning the normal mitigation bypass methods that they are able to see and can be used as an attacks in the future. The reward offered by Microsoft range from $11,000 to $100,000.

4. Mozilla
The bounty program that has been designed by Mozilla is basically to improve the security research works in the Mozilla software and to award those people who help them in developing the safest internet clients. The reward offered by Mozilla ranges starting from $500 for high severity bugs and sometimes can reach up to $3000 for very critical vulnerabilities.

5. Yahoo
Yahoo has recently become serious to reward its friendly hackers and have announced to reward them with reward money up to $1500. Till now the company only gave T-shirts as a reward, but now the researchers will get at least a reward of $150 from the company and which can go up to $1500.

6. PayPal
PayPal is one of the first companies that offered a bug reporting program to the researchers and hackers. Following the lead of Mozilla, Google and Facebook, the company will now reward the White Hat Hackers for the bugs that they report to the company. There is no set amount for the reward that the hacker will receive but it will depend upon the severeness of the bug reported.

7. Secunia
Secunia has started its bounty program with the name of “SVPA”. The company offers cash rewards to the researchers who develop and report the company about any kind of vulnerability. The Amount of the reward totally depends upon the seriousness of vulnerability reported by the Ethical Hacker.

8. Etsy
The company rewards the White Hat Hackers with a minimum reward of $500 for those vulnerabilities or bugs that qualify their provided conditions and standards which are set by the company’s security team.

9. Barracuda Networks
The bounty reward given by Barracuda networks starts from $100 and goes up to $3,133.7 for very serious bugs. The work of the researcher or White Hat hacker is also credited by the “bug reporter” title if he or she desires.

10. Squidoo
The reward for any kind of bud is decided by Squidoo engineers depending upon the level of seriousness of bug. The reward offered by Squidoo varies from $100 for normal bugs to $1000 for very serious bugs.

Sometimes the researcher or white hacker is not rewarded for his or her reporting of vulnerabilities by the company, that is where crowd funding company enters the scene. The crowd funding companies identify the research work done by the White Hat Hacker and provide them with sufficient rewards that are denied from the company because of one or the other reason.

So if you are a researcher or a White Hat Hacker, there are so many opportunities for you on the internet to prove your skills and even receive benefits from them. 
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