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Interview With Khalil Who Hacked Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Wall

The billionaire, Facebook originator and global icon, Mark Zuckerberg’s profile was hacked by a 30 years old Khalil Shreateh. He belonged to the territories of Palestine, Herbon. The man here discovered a spam and exposed a software bug that allowed him to post a message on anyone’s wall without being in his or her friend list. Through this he contacted Mark Zuckerberg by posting a respectful message on his wall.

Interview With Security Researcher Khalil Shreateh Who Hacked Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Wall
Khalil Shreateh from  Palestine

After this mishap the security team detected and fixed the bug. They eventually suspended Mr. Khalil’s account and refused to pay him the reward fee, accusing him for violating Facebook terms and conditions. Later on he was awarded $500 for reporting the bug by the company but refused his claims. After these contradictions he was well reorganized and respected for his work and stepped into community of specialized hacker who were ready to work with him to safeguard the private information’s rewarding him $13,000.
Hi Khalil, welcome to toptechtune.com

Me: How do you feel before and after hacking Zucker’s Facebook wall?

Khalil: Happy to be getting a lot of job offers and finally a job.

Me: Any other company/celebrity who bugged you, are reported?

Khalil: Yes, a lot, most of them are private depending on company’s demands.

Me: Across the globe you have received many offers, how you manage them?
Khalil: I rejected some, delayed others and accepted few. You can’t work 24/7 hours.

Me: Now days we see you were supporting anonymous hacking groups, what’s your opinion about them?
Khalil: I support freedom, peace and love among people. I do not support black hacks or hacking or even stealing money in the name of goods or white hat hackers.

Me: Where did you spend over $13,000 which funded it from http://www.gofundme.com ?
Khalil: I did not spend them yet, but you should search about how much wedding costs here in Palestine as I am still single.

Me: I think you are ongoing with tech startups. What is focused more in your startup?
Khalil: Programming, developing and security research are my actual fields of interests.

Me: Any security advice for our readers?
Khalil: As I always say to global media, before being a whitehat hacker or programmer, once you are in the IT departments, you have to learn to love, maintain peace and respect or otherwise you will fail or at least you will not rise above your dreams.
Thanks for spending your precious time with us and we wish you all the best. 🙂
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