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14 Master Tips for Samsung Galaxy S5 Users

Now, please do not tell us you do not know about Samsung Galaxy S5, current flagship device of Korean Smartphone manufacturer. This device has managed to grab enough media attention due to several features including fingerprint scanner, water-resistant body, heartbeat monitor, 4K video recording, Android KitKat with new version of TouchWiz, customized UI layer of Samsung Smartphones. If you love Samsung Smartphones (well, there are enough haters due to the intolerable bloatware that causes issues while using devices), you may have got a Samsung Galaxy S5 if it does fit your budget. Or, you might be in a plan to grab one. If you have affirmative answer for any of these questions, you SHOULD read this! In this article, we will give you some awesome master tips for Samsung Galaxy S5! You should use these tips in your device if you want to increase productivity and let the real beast come out of your S5.
14 Master Tips for Samsung Galaxy S5 Users

1. Preserve Battery in Last Minute

More than often, you will see your device at 10% or lower. Thankfully, Samsung has included an awesome feature in Samsung Galaxy S5 to utilize in such instances. You have two options available – Power saving mode and ultra-power saving mode.
       Power Saving Mode: This mode will block background data, restrict performance of device and make device display become grayscale.
       Ultra Power Saving Mode: This will turn screen to grayscale, limits application, turn of data connection when you have turned off screen, deactivate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

  You can enable both these options by going to Settings > Power Saving. Indeed, these are helpful when your battery is about to die!

2. Transferring Your Contacts from Other Devices
If you have bought a new Samsung Galaxy S5, you will have to transfer your contacts from an old phone into S5. You can find this task simple if your old phone is also from Samsung. To do so, you have to follow a few steps.

  1.     Install Smart Switch Mobile (An application for Samsung devices) from Samsung Apps or Play Store in both of your devices
  2.     Bring them together, and tap on the connect button in both devices
  3.     Tick contacts and tap on ‘Transfer’
  4.     You’ve done it. Now, if you have shifted from a Samsung to S5, there are no tough tasks!

 3. Boost Download Speed

This sounds interesting, huh? You can apply this tip when you want to download huge files simultaneously, especially when you are using Wi-Fi. You have to enable Download Booster by going to Settings > Download Booster. By doing so, your device will optimize itself to use maximum of its resources and finish downloading as quickly as possible.

4. Stable Internet Connection while Using Data
You have to enable a feature called Smart Network Switch to maintain a good mobile network connection while you use data through Wi-Fi or mobile network. You can do so by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > Smart network switch. This will be very useful in some special cases.

5. Share Internet Connection with Other Devices
You can use the Mobile Hotspot feature to share mobile internet connection with other devices that support Wi-Fi. It will be very useful in several instances when your PC lacks an internet connection. To enable this, you have to go to Settings > Tethering and mobile hotspot > Mobile hotspot and provide credentials such as password (optional). If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, you can use USB Tethering to share internet connection with your PC using USB. You can enable this by going to Settings > tethering and mobile hotspot.

6. Using Hand Move Feature
There are many gesture-based features in Samsung Galaxy S5. You can enable these features by going to Settings > Motions and gestures. There are several categories of gestures to choose from! There are several options like smart alert, direct call, smart pause etc. Indeed, most of these features are damn useful in practical instances.

7. Use Multiple Applications Simultaneously in Screen
Multi Window feature helps you use multiple applications in one screen by splitting screen. To activate this feature, you have to go to Settings Multi Window. This is very useful, and Samsung has included some feature to copy text and other contents in-between these windows.

8. Improve Touch Sensitivity of Screen
You may follow some of the following methods to improve touch sensitivity of Samsung Galaxy S5 screen.
  •     Use leather gloves
  •     Tap screen firmly

      9. Reject call from Unwanted Numbers
A while back, Truecaller had bought this feature to Android, and Samsung Galaxy S5 has this feature by default! For enabling this feature, you have to go to Settings > Call > Call Rejection > Auto reject numbers. In this, you have to create a list of numbers you want to reject automatically. This is very useful, especially if you have to confront many kinds of spam numbers.

10. Use Dual Camera Mode
In this mode, you can use rear camera and front camera of your device to insert an image inside another image, you capture using rear camera. You have options to size and location of the front camera image in the actual photo. You can enable this feature by going to Camera > Mode > Dual Camera.

11. Hide Content from Others
Private Mode of Samsung Galaxy S5 helps you hide specific files from others. You can enable this by going to Settings Private Mode. You will have to set up an unlock code and backup pin. Once you have set up this feature, you can move files and other contents to Private Content for restraining them being accessed by others.

12. Make Safe Environment for Kids
Sometimes, you will have to give your S5 to kids, but it won’t be that easy if you have stored important information in the device. In such cases, we can use the Kids Mode feature of Samsung Galaxy S5. In this feature, the device will get a makeover in such a way that the UI is just right for kids. It will consist of kid’s camera, kid’s gallery, etc. To enable this, you have to tap on Kids Mode > Install. You can tap on the ‘Kids Mode’ widget to start that specific mode.

13. Turn your S5 into a TV Remote
Using the feature called Smart Remote, you can control programs in your TV by means of S5. What you have to do is to tap on ‘Smart Remote’ icon from app screen, which will launch the application. After that, you will be able to follow the mentioned steps in order to turn your S5 into a fully functional TV remote that also lists out programs to watch.

14. Increase Sound Quality When Your Using Single Ear Bud ( Mono Audio )
When you are using just an ear bud for listening to audio, you can enable Mono Audio feature for nice performance. You can enable this from Settings > Accessibility > Hearing and tick on ‘Mono Audio’.

There you go! 

We hope these tips will really help you, especially if you are looking forward to make your Galaxy S5 more productive! Did we miss any tips? If you think so, leave us a comment with your favourite tip.
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