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Five Gadgets To Make a Truly Smart Home

Smart! This seems to be the buzzword of current technology world. Actually, Smartphones were the noticeable ones to establish this word among common users. After their domination over existing mobile devices, the smart keyword has been implemented onto a number of consumer electronics devices including Smartwatches, Smart TVs, and even a bunch of smart home appliances like smart refrigerators and Air Conditioners. Now, after all these revolutionary changes, some devices are behind the stage to make our homes SMART. These devices may look quite small to you, but their effect will be something great if you are a ‘practical’ geek. All these devices use smart connectivity features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc. Now, we shall have a glimpse on those devices!

Five Gadget To Make a Truly Smart Home

1. SmartMat – A Mat that Sensors weight:

SmartMat – A Mat that Sensors weight

When put in simpler words, SmartMat is nothing but a mat that can be placed under your usual doormat. But, to our surprise, it has support for Wi-Fi and works as a pressure sensor; everything else is about internet of things. You can connect this device to a home network, and it will establish a connection with cloud server, which then helps you do internet-based and non internet-based things such as sending text messages to your mobile, updating social media statuses, and many customized triggers. Even though there are a number of triggers you can set using SmartMat, we can find some preset triggers as well. Some of such interesting ones are:

  •     You will receive a message on your Smartphone if your pet is waiting at your doorstep. The device will detect your pet’s weight and will let you know if it remains on the mat for a while. Similarly, if you have put the mat inside your door, you can know when the pet gets out of house.
  •     You can know when your family members arrive at doorstep by detecting weight on SmartMat. Based on the weight of different family members, you can get distinguished SMSs.
  •     When there is a package put on doormat, it will detect its weight, and will let you know.
  •     Turn on lights at room when you enter home. Triggers can be set to start home appliances when you get into home. For both these, you have to implement a special Wi-Fi powered power strip.
  •     Start your TV when you sits on the cushion

Likewise, there are many triggers you can set using SmartMat. For doing so, you can use the web-based interface. It offers a battery use of 3 days on continuous usage, but time can be extended if you follow some methods for battery saving. This project is now pledged on Kickstarter for $15,000. If the campaign hits mentioned amount, you shall get the reserved unit delivered on June 2014.


2. LuMiNi – Revolutionize Home Lightening:

LuMiNi – Revolutionize Home Lightening

LuMiNi is a Bluetooth-powered smart bulb, which is suitable for party-based light conditions. Unlike the aforesaid, it uses Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity, which ensures less power consumption and easier setup but disappoints you in terms of distance. Once you have connected LuMiNi, you can use the application to control several aspects of light, such as brightness, colour, scheduling, by means of a few taps.
In addition, you can set up a few trigger-based settings for LuMiNi. For instances, you can set the Smart bulb to show blinks or colour change when your Smartphone rings. Also, there are some preset modes such as wake up, party, proximity etc. The company behind this innovative product, TABU Design, is hoping that they can bring it into market on April 2014.


3. AngelBlocks – One from Open Source:

AngelBlocks – One from Open Source

While both of above-mentioned tools are made for specific purposes, this thing is quite different. AngelBlocks is the project that is going to help you make your whole home ‘SMART’. AngelBlocks is a set of electronics blocks, which can be used to connect buildings and apartments. These blocks have a range of 1000 feet when connected indoors and 2 miles when in outdoors, which is indeed great. Using these building blogs, we can create different gadgets.

For instance, you can put an EnviroBlock in your mailbox, and you will be notified when there is a new mail. Likewise, you can put one on gates to know if they are open. Modules are available for plant health, temperature, water flow control, home security, etc. There is also an AngelGate Hub, which combines observations from all these modules to create decisions or actions such as sending messages, tweeting etc. Indeed, AngelBlocks will do magic when it comes to the case of home automation.


4. Kumostats & KumoSensors:

Kumostats & KumoSensors
We guess Air Conditioners will be the one to consume more power, and controlling them efficiently is essential when you want to save electricity. Kumostats, a cloud-based controller of your AC. Kumostats works with the help of the KumoSensors, which you can place in different parts of your house/building. Along with full control over AC, you can automate the whole process of air conditioning as well.

Using the application, KumoApp, you will receive updates on temperature of each part of house, where you have placed sensors; you can change settings of your AC according to those reports. Also, by detecting your location from Smartphone, the application will turn on easy when you are about to reach home. Similarly, you can connect device to internet, and system will change settings of AC according to happenings in web e.g. when you get a reminder to go. Apart from these preset options, you can create your own algorithms as well.


What do you think about these tools? Aren’t these wonderful enough to automate your home by making it smarter? And, let us know if you think there are some exciting innovations to make our lives smarter.
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