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Carry Your Office in Your Backpack

Carry Your Office in Your Backpack
Today the age is all about compactness and portability of everything in our immediate reach. The first concern of any a buyer today in terms of everything is its size, length and weight. In fact, we are shrinking everything possible in this world to fly off whenever possible with our backpack on the Magic Carpet the very moment time-travel becomes a very reality. Phones, cameras, scanners, printers and even Personal Computers !!

Pocket Computer:

Tango super PC
Tango is the new PC in your pocket. This phone has done the wonders to almost the whole world that iPod did to the music lovers, ages ago. This is the pocket-sized phone that has taken 2 years of manufacture has a miniature motherboard and the bulky fan, connectors and heat sink fit into the docking port and can take around 30 W in comparison to the similar 3 . Also, tango weighs just 200 g and is the result of over 10 ODM developers. The resolution is akin to Xbox360 and 1080 p videos are accessible as well.
This is the perfect solution to start running your entire office on the breezy shores of Kanyakumari with ultimate ease. Check it on : www.tangopc.com

Mini Portable Robotic Printer:

Mini Portable Robotic Printer
This approximately 10X11.5 cm oval box is perhaps the most utilitarian item to fit into your bag first. This tiny printer also has a battery that is rechargeable that can be connected to your smartphone or computer to produce prints of any size and any paper and lasts for an hour. It comes in both mars black and titanium white printing, has a standard HP cartridge and a full inkjet can provide you with thousand prints. It can turn and print in any direction as the main concept is of the Omni-wheel system. It weighs 300 g and has a print speed of 1.22 ppm. The quality comes up to 96X192 dpi of which the result and the product is supposedly a higher solution print. It also has a wireless connectivity and supports Androids, iOS, OSX and Linux apart from all Windows systems. Check it on : http://www.zutalabs.com for more about this project.

Scanner Dok Dok:

This is an incredible file sized document scanner that scans high sharpness and quality for A4 sized US Letter single and multi-paged documents and photographs. This can adjust to any flat-surfaced space and produces fast scanning and does not require any powering at the time. It fits into your office bag with ease and is absolutely portable and feather-weight. It has a secure high-density Polymer and Foam compartment in-built. Furnished with bonded leather , DOK-DOK is in aluminum and provides a powder-coated paint finish. These UK based manufacturers are all set to change our world into the paper-less lush green virtual reality with their innovative products. Check it their project on kickstarter

All-compatible Stand for your digital wardrobe:

PadPivot stand
PadPivot is an hands-free expandable table that can be used to support your tablets, iPad, Galaxy Tabs and phones and Kindle devices. The design is incredible as to fold the entire big set to fit into your office bag, and further into purse or even pockets and wallets. The table-mate comes with a microfiber carry bag, dust cover for cleaning necessities and tether strap.
Check it their project listed on kickstarter.


Grid it
This incredible grid is made of elastic plastic and is woven to provide arrangement space for all your knick-knacks to keep the pens, data cables, USB chords, portable gaming systems, pocket sized above mentioned things. This comes in a size of 11X15 inches. It costs just a 15$ mostly. Find it on : Grid It
With the above amenities, fill and swing your Duffels on your shoulder to settle your office anywhere in the world.
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