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Best of Five Apps in October, 2014


The last month had been an overwhelming one for the techie people. Flagship devices were launched, the excitement was on its highest peak, and the rumors were all broken off into reality. Not only pieces of hardware can’t compliment such out of the world devices, and so the software developers worked so hard to come up with the latest apps that charmed us. This month has been going great so far as the app stores are populating with great new apps, and we have got our hands on five. Here we bring you a short review on the five apps of this month.


1. Inbox from Google:

inbox by gmail

inbox by gmail


Gmail had been Google’s email service ever since it was started on 2004. Since the very beginning Gmail had been tremendously popular, now Google planned an upgrade to their existing emailing app. Thus, here comes the Inbox app from Gmail. This redefines the way people uses Gmail, more features had been included.  For example, you can now pin and swipe the mails you need and you don’t need. If you want to read an email later, just snooze it out with a timer. Inbox will remind you when it’s time. The looks and feels have been made better as well. Better search features are introduced and you can get ‘Google Now’ features right of the Inbox app. In brief, it’s a great organizing tool for everyone who uses Gmail. However, you would need an invitation to begin using Inbox, for now.


2. Invisible Text:

Invisible Text

Invisible Text

Sending out some text messages to the wrong people is a very common thing that we encounter. And often these things don’t end up pleasant. What if you send your late night text to your boss, which was supposed to be for your girlfriend? With Invisible Text, now you get to pull off a text message before the recipient sees it or encrypt it so that only the people meant to see it, can see it. Not only text messages but pictures, videos and voice tracks as well! Prevent your phone from screen grabbing so that no intruder gets to see what text message you were typing in. These features come very helpful for personal and business text messages to keep the privacy. Invisible Text uses an encrypted channel to provide these services and both devices need to have the app installed to use all features.


3. Luxy:

Luxy hooks up only rich peoples!


The internet is flooded with dating apps, but Luxy is different. Because Luxy hooks up only rich peoples! People pretending to be rich won’t be able to stay long in this group due to certain activity trackers. This app was first launched on iOS platform and recently been launched for Android devices. The app is similar to Tinder, only except the fact that only rich people are eligible for using Tinder. Luxy’s management claims that the average monthly income of male users is at least 200 thousand dollars. Whoa, that’s a lot! Just like Tinder, the users get to swipe the profiles left or right to choose the people to date, or not to. Download from iTunes and PlayStore.


4. Facebook Room:

Anyone creating a ‘room’ puts their unique username to the room to identify them.


Facebook had been trying long to own Snapchat, somehow that attempt never came true. Now instead creating a platform like Snapchat, Facebook has recently created an app that is kind of WordPress look alike. The app creates message boards that look like forum postings, and people can post their contents on these spaces. Anyone creating a ‘room’ puts their unique username to the room to identify them. Like the Facebook group rules, you can set privacy and restrictions. You can also change the appearance by changing the themes and wallpapers. Everything is just like Facebook but the surprising fact is, it’s not related to Facebook anyhow. Not you, not your Facebook friends. Currently it’s only available on iOS.


5. PhotoMath:

 The app PhotoMath solves mathematical equations using smartphone cameras


Except some out of the world geniuses, most people do usually fear math. Even though people define math as a hard subject, it’s not really much. But what matters is the approach to solving the problems at which most people are not good at. However, there are moments when solving mathematical problems becomes an issue and a necessity. For example, how about you can’t solve a math on the night before your mathematics final exam? The app PhotoMath solves mathematical equations using smartphone cameras. Simple, just put the camera towards your text book, click pictures of the problem and get the answer. This might sound easy, but the technology behind and its development was certainly not. The app works based on Optical Character Reading (OCR) technology.



All these apps had become the app of the month because they are unique in their own fields. All these apps are available on their respective app stores where you can find them and download for free.

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