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How to Get CyanogenMod Updates For Indian OnePlus One Users ?


OnePlus One is in a lot of buzz these days, but not in a way it would have wished for. Reportedly Cyanogen has made an exclusive deal with one of the leading Indian manufacturer Micromax that has left OnePlus One with no other option but to change its strategy for India.

It’s a bit disappointing certainly prior its (OnePlus) plan of grand debut in a big market like India. Cyanogen has made the deal with latest ‘YU’ fro Micromax that makes apparent that Cyanogen is not going to be making the CyanogenModbuild with OnePlus One in Indian scenarios.

Making the topic hotter, Carl Pei, the international presentive of OnePlus has addressed the fresh customers through a letter regarding the conflict. However, there is a lot more to be revealed on this regard.


What the deal was actually:

There was a deal between OnePlus and Cyanogen to bring the opening smartphone with CyanogenMod during initial parts this year. Additionally, there was promise for bringing numerous upgrades and assists straight from Cyanogen.

According to Carl, it was initially decided that Cyanogen will be assisting OnePlus One for a minimum of one year over 17 nations that also includes India. However, he terms it absolutely fateful for not being able to keep the promise for the Indian users.

Now the Micromax Yu will be having exclusive right for the CyanogenMod over the nation. However, Carl has made it quite clear that Cyanogen is going to support the OnePlus with continuous upgrades and latest specs. Even he added, Cyanogen is playing with OnePlus, and the latest upgrade is on a roll in coming few days and there is some interesting stuffs going to be presented for the fans.


Things those are confirmed anyway:

A few things have gone clear after the incident. First, OnePlus One is still on in India. OnePlus is going to bring One with the international build of Cyanogen over the nation. It plays through Colors OS now in China.

OnePlus is reportedly dealing with its Lollipop ROM that was expected to be available with its forth coming OnePlus Two product. However, this is now going to be packed now or the Indian edition of OnePlus One. The process is expected to be finished by February coming year. On this context, the company will make stations to mechanically flash the latest ROM.

Beta edition of the ROM is going to hit during December and it can be flashed by any user of OnePlus One.

Thing that is still blurry is how the OTA is taken care for CyanogenMod based put up in the nation. They can’t go for a CM based OTA in the nation for OnePlus One as per the deal between Cyanogen and Micromax.

However, users those are interested can go with the following steps to avail the upgrades.


For absolutely common people not having much exposure of technology:

You can download Cyanogenmod upgrade by Clockworkmod. It makes spontaneous upgrade of the device to the new cm edition by download and flash. You simply need to install application and check for the upgrades.


Those can handle something:

You may Install Cyandelta as it only downloads the delta files, the one that reads upgrade files only. Now you can flash straight from the application itself.


For the geeks:

These groups of people may download the ROM from the official cyanogenmod website and go for flash it through clockworkmod revival or TWRP.


In general:

In general, an official application has been made available by Cyanogenmod to take care of the task. No need to root the device on this context.

However, earlier three ways need the rooting. Rooting has nothing to do with the warranty. You will be having global ROM installed. Anyway, OnePlus has promised to bring a guide for the users those want to flash the ROM by their own.

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