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List of Apps Showcased at App Expo 2015 in Bangalore, India


The success of Blrdroid Android Tech meeting could be understood by the fact that today it is the third successful Android Apps Expo 2015 to be held in Bangalore. This trend started in the year 2013 and had attracted endless android enthusiastic around the world and India here require a special mention as it got an opportunity to impart their knowledge with the interested community resulting in better open source venture in all aspects. The result oriented after completion of any meeting is always better than the latter. It was founded in the year 2009 and has almost more than 4000 members by now.


Android app Expo 2015:

It is a platform that provides an opportunity to developers to exhibit their extreme of innovation, for newbie’s to rendezvous with right entity and organizations to update them with all upgraded technology. It aims towards a collaboration of startups, developers and above all the organizations globally to work for a common aim. This event is brought by BlrDroid and GDG Bangalore under the sponsorship of Google Developers.

app expo 2015

app expo 2015

Who should look forward for it?

  • Developers
  • Organizations
  • Newbie


Which app will be placed in it?

There are certain features which should be there for the app that demands to be enlisted here. These are as follows:

  • Uniqueness – as already mentioned this is a platform where the innovation can only be landed so only unique apps could be presented here.
  • Complete app – any incomplete app will not be enrolled here
  • Number of installations – it effects the position of the app in this event a lot.
  • Popularity and Rating – here they are going to talk about the success of innovation and it can only be measured via their popularity ratio so in the absence of it enrollment of an app is impossible.
  • UI guidelines adherence is compulsory.
  • Should be compatible with tablets and phones.
  • Impact and innovative measures.

GDG has filtered the entire submitted app and out of so many only top 30 has been exhibited in this event. A panel of judges is going to decide which one is the best app of all.


Best apps that were selected in this event are as


  1. Love cycles: this app is known to provide recommendation of safe/unsafe productivity by based on date of cycle. Here Yellow reflects unsafe, Green says tailed and blue symbolize safe.
  2. Mobi text: this app functions in the similar manner to that of Google messenger+ schedule sending text+ self restriction text. It is going to act like one stop solution for this multi need over your 5” gadget.
  3. English dost: English is the official language all around and sometimes the illetracy in it can lead to serious problem. This app helps in speaking English language to text currently it is compatible with Hindi only.
  4. Frilp: often earning recommendation from friends takes long as it s either through social networking sites or long phone calls. This app removes this obstruction and helps in exploring friends shopping recommendation easily.
  5. Shout: again an innovative location/hub based social networking app suitable for multiple needs.
  6. Lookup: in the online world there lives a huge crowd who still believe to buy from offline shops and this app facilitates exploring of offline shops & providing the option of cash on delivery n your city.
  7. Zeocode: this innovative app helps in sharing address with the help of phone numbers and easy navigation by few swipes over your gadget through Route option.
  8. MobiKwik: this app helps in recharges and bill payment of your mobile anywhere, anytime. All kind of bill payments is done by it.
  9. Gunai: This smartbar turns your Smartphone more smarter by upgrading all the apps in simplified manner for you. It turns your homescreen better.
  10. Haptik: it helps you to solve your connectivity issue and at the same time aid in providing yu with best mobile plan as per your requirement. Information related to all your financial accounts and is suitable for all your electronic gadgets. It also work as an information cemter by providing you the tme of your flights and baggage information.
  11. Tremo: no need to wait for sharing your travelling store with the world for long. Share it with this app with ease. Connect the social networking sites and enjoy it simply.
  12. Momoe: with this app pays at restaurant in the customized manner. Split the bill among friends, book before and enjoy all other facilities over here.
  13. Yelo: It is a chat messenger based on referral based and makes it easier to exchange numbers with your friends. Get right person at right time with it.
  14. Flock: a free and simple app to exchange message within groups with scheduling and self-destruction.
  15. Anexplore file manager: browse, compress and find your apps with ease here through this app.
  16. Snap shopr: this app provides apparel search for men and fix bugs too.
  17. Yellow: with yellow messenger app you can freely sent message sin your business group. You could book reservation, appointments and order for home delivery too.
  18. Mgaadi: this app helps in booking auto rickshaw with it online. According to your trip select your pick and drop points and has been termed as ideal app in tourism.


There are many such apps which were introduced here and were appreciated. The knowledge shared here was incomparable.


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