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Smart Watch Competition Started by Launch of Apple Watch


Apple has come with its highly innovative and most expensive Smart watch, internet connected and touching £13,500 in regards of price. This is going to be one of the most inspirational gadgets ever announced by apple.




The battery of this app need to be charged every night and to the highest extreme you can expect a battery life of 18 hours and this is sufficient for a normal working person. When you are going to leash the gadget surely it will surprise you with more surprises!
It’s expected that 15.4 million Apple watches will hit the market in April. Though the look may be unattractive but the features are really going to attract you.


How it will function?


Apple watch will require connectivity through Bluetooth to an iPhone and thereafter it will reveal notifications, texts etc from wearer’s Smartphone which will indicate and could answer the incoming calls and at the same time could run a variety of especially designed apps.

Smart Watch Competition Started by Launch of Apple Watch

Three Apple Watch Models


The three version of the Apple watch are as follows:


1) Watch
2) Edition and
3) Sport.
This is not the end! You can even choose the suitable sizes in any of the three version 38 mm and 42 mm.


Apple Vs BMW:


Apple had even succeeded BMW app which had gold casing of 18 carat, followed by supermodel, apple had a better gadget for world. BMW had provided to world an app that permits the car owners to access the lock of their car via their watch and in case if you are travelling via flight than it could be utilized to check your flight. Apple had come up with an app supporting health features. The wearer could learn about their heart rate as well as their physical activity of the entire day and in case if they have not met the target then it will remind you and also if you are sitting for long then even it reminds you to take a walk.

The original unveiling time in September 2014 had reflected a lot of features of Apple watch but that time it never revealed the price factor or the launch date.




The different version of apple watches is coming at different rates:
1) Sports Smart-watch starts with a range of £230.
2) A mid-tier Watch will start from £365 till £730.
3) The edition of Apple watch with high end comes with an exclusive gold case of 18 carat with sapphire screen. The price of this watch will be approx £8,000 but this is restricted in numbers. In brief you do not get much of its kind, its limited in edition. The highest series of this model will reach £13,500. The prices will differ with the selection of strap and size too.


Date to hit the stores:


Apple was in search of something too unique and this search has come to an end with this new watch. Their hunt for an innovative gadget to diversify from computers as well as Smartphone it has come with this Apple watch and is going to hit the store on 24th April. Though they are not going to introduce the same version but are planning to come with a cheaper one worth £299 on-wards.

First market UK, Australia, Japan, US and China will enjoy this product prior to other country as revealed by Mr. Tim Crook the chief executive of Apple during San Francisco event.



Sony, Samsung and LG are already in race with it through their wearable gadgets and now Pebble and Motorola is also giving it a tough time. Apple is again to amaze you for sure, just wait and watch!

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