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15 Master Tips for Samsung Galaxy S6 & Edge Users


There is no doubt in the fact that Samsung Galaxy S6 is perhaps the best device Korean Smartphone Giant, Samsung, did  take an effort to launch, leaving aside those bloatware-stuffed Android Smartphones that impressed neither the critics nor normal users. When we consider specifications of this device, it will blow almost everyone’s mind unless it is normal for a Smartphone to have an Octa-core processor — though when combined — and 3GB RAM. And, taking of the build, S6 has a lot to offer such as the use of metal frame, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 combined with a Quad HD S AMOLED Display, 16 Megapixel Rear Camera and Android v5.02 Lollipop on top all these.

Apart from these hardware and software-based specifications and notabilities of Samsung Galaxy S6, the device does have lot to offer as far as you are thinking about productivity of your Smartphone, given the business-friendliness of Samsung Smartphones, in general. In this article, however, we will give you 15 master tips for the Samsung Galaxy S6 users out there, so that they can know how to get the most out of their Galaxy S6. So, shall we start checking out the 15 master-user tips of Galaxy S6?


  1. Setting Up Fingerprint Scanner in Galaxy S6

One of the noticeable features of Samsung Galaxy S6 is the in-built fingerprint scanner, which you can use for various kinds of authentication purposes, such as when you want to sign into supported websites or so. Thus, you can simply escape from the task of entering your username and password again and again. To make use of fingerprint scanner of your S6, however, you have to enable the feature. You can do that using following steps.

  • Go to Settings à Lock screen & Security
  • Tap ‘Fingerprints
  • If you have not used fingerprint scanner so far, you have to scan your fingerprint in next screen! However, if you have used it before, you can “Add a Fingerprint”.
  • Until the progress bar reaches 100%, you will have to scan your fingerprint.
  • Once the Fingerprint registration is over, you will be asked to set up a backup password, upon completion of which you can start using Fingerprint scanner of Galaxy S6.

Considering the productive feature, fingerprint scanner of Samsung Galaxy S6 is worth praising, indeed.


  1. Enable Multi-Window Feature

Multi-Window feature of Samsung Galaxy S6 — as present in many of business-oriented Smartphones from Samsung — is something great when you need something productive. Although some apps may lack support for multi window feature, it will work with popular apps. To enable Multi-Window feature in your S6, you can do as follows:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Apps Screen and then choose Multi Window
  • Toggle the Multi Window switch

Now, as you have enabled multi window feature, you can start running two different apps at a time. You will have an option to launch multiple windows either using multi-window tray or through recent apps list.


  1. Set Up Wireless Printing

Support for wireless printing is a great feature of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, we bet. Using this feature, you will be able to establish a connection between a Wi-Fi-supported printer and thus print documents over the air. It has to be notified that S6 supports connection through Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct. Despite the fact that some printers might not have support for S6 Wireless Printing, you can move on with popular ones. Once you have confirmed compatibility of your printer, you can move on to the process of adding proper printer plug-ins.

  • Go to Settings à More Connection Settings
  • Choose Printing à Download plug-in
  • From Google Play page, choose the respective printer plug-in
  • Install it, and you’ve done


  1. Utilize Smart Manager

Smart Manager is a productive feature that is meant to optimize performance of your Galaxy S6. Sections that will be covered by Smart Manager include battery of your device, storage space and its consumption, RAM and a variety of security-oriented features. Altogether, Smart Manager will help you have an all-rounding optimization of device in a few taps.

Talking about optimization of device, performance and battery, several steps are taken to have such an optimal level of resource consumption. These include selection & elimination of apps and services that utilize excessive amount of battery and memory resources, deletion of unnecessary junk files and the scanning and removal of malware files and phishing attacks. So, at the same time, Smart Manager boosts performance of the device and ensures security from a wide range of aspects.

In addition to these, Smart Manager includes a one-tap optimization solution. By going to Smart Manager and hitting Clean All will optimize almost everything that is required.


  1. Enable MirrorLink

MirrorLink is an effective solution when it comes to connecting your Smartphone with your car and having all ‘Smart’ features without interrupting the driver. As Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with MirrorLink pre-installed, you can have an awesome experience if you have a car that supports the same. In such cases, you will be able to manage your device using the Head Unit Monitor of your car. So, the next time, you will be able to use the infotainment system of the car to take calls without even having to look at the Smartphone — so, you can stay focused while you drive. You can set up MirrorLink in your Samsung Galaxy S6 or Edge by going to Settings à More Connection Settings à MirrorLink.


  1. Use Download Booster

Download Booster is an impressive feature of Samsung Galaxy S6 and you can depend upon the feature if you have a Wi-Fi connection and cellular connection with unlimited data. In such cases, given that the file to be downloaded has a size more than 30MB, Download Booster will combine both the Wi-Fi connection and cellular data to have optimal level of speed and thus to finish downloads quickly. You can enable Download Booster by going to Settings à More Connection Settings à Download Booster.


  1. Use a Virtual Private Network

If you would like to avail extended security when you browse web, you can set up a Virtual Private Network in the S6 or S6 Edge of yours. To do that, you have to go to Settings and choose VPN from More Connection Settings. You can either add details manually or use the dedicated VPN app.


  1. Use the Private Mode

As long as you have something to keep under Private label [You know what I mean!], the Private Mode of Galaxy S6 is indeed a great feature. By enabling this feature, you will be able to hide stuff such as gallery files, media files such as video and audio, internet etc from others. So, once you have started using Private Mode of S6, others will see what you want them to see — that’s quite simple, isn’t it? To enable Private Mode, you have to follow these steps:

  • Settings à Privacy and Safety à Private Mode
  • Follow instructions that come up on screen and enter the Private Mode access code.
  • Now, you can see the message that Private Mode has been activated

Private Mode is indeed a great feature if you know how and when to use it. For instance, it has to be noted that the files you have stored in the Private Folder can be accessed only if you have switched on Private Mode. On the other hand, when you want to keep them private, you can deactivate the Private Mode, quite easily.


  1. Use Easy Mode

Easy Mode of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is meant for easier use of the device, given the presence of simplified User Interface that places icons in a truly accessible manner. You can enable this Easy Mode by going to Settings à Easy Mode à Easy Mode. Then, you will have to select apps that you need to have in simple layout and thus easier level of accessibility. You have to go to the same place and select Standard Mode to get back to actual design.


  1. Use Power Saving Mode

Long-lasting battery life, being an important thing, you would love to use Power Saving Mode when you are edge of draining out. When you have enabled this mode, functions of the device will be lowered as to enhance battery. You can enable the mode by going to Settings à Battery à Power Saving Mode. You can toggle the switch to enable the mode. In addition, there is an option to set the Power Saving Mode to start automatically when there is only certain amount of battery charge remaining.


  1. Ultra Power Saving Mode

When you have less charge left but need the device to be turned on for a longer period, you can make use of Ultra Power Saving Mode, which uses an extreme level of resource-limiting to extend battery life. For instance, when you have enabled Ultra Power Saving Mode, colour display will be shifted to grey tones, only a few selected apps will be working, data connection will be turned off when you turn off the screen and wireless services such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will be turned off. In short, especially when considering the grey tone display, Ultra Power Saving Mode of your S6 is a praiseworthy master tip, indeed. When you are running out of battery juice, the mode will definitely help you. To active Ultra Power Saving Mode, you have to go to Settings à Battery à Ultra Power Saving Mode.


  1. Get the Power of Edge Screen

This feature is available only in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and it uses the extended display of the device! By means of Edge Screen, you will be shown different colours when people call you so that you can identify them even without having to take the phone, have a clock on the edge of device, etc. When placed on your bed, you can use its screen as a clock as well. You can do more with Edge Screen feature of your Galaxy S6 Edge by going to Settings à Edge Screen.


  1. Disable Built-in Apps & Services

Here comes the section that will make you rejoice if you hate Samsung bloatware. Albeit having reduced the number of built-in services and applications, Samsung Mobiles has implemented an option to disable certain in-built apps if you don’t like them. While a few apps can be subjected to complete uninstallation, most of the apps can be removed from the app drawer and you can be sure that none of those apps are running in background. You can deal with this removal stuff, either through Application Manager or through the App Drawer Editor itself.


  1. Deal With Those Customizable Notification Toggles

Rather than adapting yourself to the notification toggle that Samsung has given you, you can change order of that toggle bar using the in-built feature of Samsung Galaxy S6. To do this, you just have to click on the EDIT button that is shown in top side when you pull down the notification bar.


  1. Choose a Theme

As Samsung has integrated a theme engine with the Lollipop-based OS for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, you have an option to check out and install new and new themes. So, despite the fact that the collection of themes is not that impressive, you can check them out if you need a change from the typical TouchWiz UI on Lollipop — after all, who doesn’t like a change?

Well, what do you think about these mastering tips for Samsung Galaxy S6 users? We are eager to hear from you!

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