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Flipkart Puts a Full Stop on the Selling of Sexually Awareness Commodity


The headlines in the online stores of Flipkart dictated that they are going to discontinue the selling of commodities that fall under the category of sexual wellness following the norms placed by government.


What about the selling of precaution measures of sex like condom?


This news will not effect the selling of condoms though the effected listing will be visible to outer world after a time span. Flipkart is announcing this as a message to their endless list of sellers though the queries of ET or any other media has not been entertained by now.


How this action took place?


In the first month of the year the Delhi police crime branch had sincerely requested to focus the ministry of broadcasting and information towards the selling of sexually wellness commodities online. This request came to action after an email was received by few buyers against four websites that included Flipkart. The complain was about the openly promotion as well as selling of objectionable commodities illegally. The allegation was also based on the objectionable content that was shown on the website.


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