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SD Card Recovery Tool for Mac and Windows [ Review ]


You may remember those old days when SD Cards were used to store images, photos and videos and considered as a solution to get most out of your digital camera, mobile phone or some other electronic gadgets. Now, however, after the rise of several technologies that has enhanced the power and portability of SD Cards, the small cards were quite quick to become a quintessential part of one’s tech life, let that be a photographer who stores his photos in SD Card that comes along with the camera or a typical Smartphone user who stores a wide variety of files, ranging from basic music files to high-security documents, in his or her Smartphone. In that sense, losing files from your SD Cards will be although not often a horrible situation, especially if you are in the former kind. And, that is why we think a tool that’s capable of recovering lost files from SD Card will be quite useful for almost every techy out there. In this post, we will have a review of one of the popular solutions to recover data that you have lost from your SD card and we think it’s a sort of must-have tool for everyone — SD Card Recovery!


An Introduction — SD Card Recovery

SD Card Recovery is an awesome solution when you need to recover lost data from your SD cards! SD Card Recovery is now available for Windows & Macintosh and it is compatible with Windows 8 and OS X Yosmite, meaning that you will be able to use SD Card Recovery in almost every device, provided that the tool has relatively lower requirements in terms of system configuration; for example, it will run smoothly on devices from Windows 2000 and needs RAM of 512MB only. So, we can be sure that SD Card Recovery will be useful for almost every user out there! Talking about its pricing, SD Card Recovery is available at a rate of $49.95, for both Mac and Windows.


Wide Range of Support

When compared to other solutions in the same category, SD Card Recovery has a wide range of support when it does come to the case of memory card types and brands. Talking about memory card types, SD Card Recovery will be very quiet useful when you want to get back data from CompactFlash Cards, SDHC, Mini-SD, XD and Micro-SD Cards that’s quite popular when it comes to consumer electronics. And, recovery will be accomplished in many of the popular as well as not-that-popular brands, such as SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Sony, HP, Panasonic, PQI, Lexar, Transcend etc. Altogether, compatibility section of SD Card Recovery is quite impressive, we bet. And, given this fact, it will be very simple task to use it for various purposes. It has to be noted that the same level of compatibility is there when we do consider the case of files that can be recovered using the tool. The supported file formats include music, photos, doc files or any other kinds of files.


Simple User Interface

If you check screenshots of SD Card Recovery or ask those who have already used the solution, it’s quite sure that its UI will be praised by almost everyone, given the simplicity that has been kept in various aspects of the interface that is being used. Regardless the level of expertise or experience that you have when it comes to the case of recovering data from SD cards, you will be able to use SD Card Recovery in its fully-fledged form. Also, we have to consider the presence of noteworthy features that SD Card Recovery comes with.

SD Card Recovery Tool for Mac and Windows[review]

SD Card Recovery for Mac Main Interface


SD Card Recovery Tool for Mac and Windows [ review ]

SD Card Recovery for Windows Main Interface


Features that Make Sense

There are a number of features that are proven to be damn useful when it comes to easily recovering what you want to recover. Some of those features we loved in SD Card Recovery are as follows.

  • SD Card Recovery can be used to recover not only deleted files but also files that are corrupted, for example, in the case of digital cameras or so. Thus, you will be able to get the output even if it was corrupted when it was in the device.
  • When you are about to recover data from a Secure Data Card, you will have an option to preview the file! So, if you are finding confusion in choosing the file that you really want to recover, this preview feature will help you fix that, as you can preview all those files that can be recovered and then choose the ones you want.
  • Along with these powerful features, you can have support from SD Card Recovery, which includes step-by-step tutorials to recover data from SD Cards, regardless whether you are using Windows or Macintosh. So, if you have no basics when it comes to SD Card data recovery, you don’t have to worry but the articles would be quite helpful, indeed.


The Verdict

Recalling our opinion about various sections of SD Card Recovery, we can but give an awesome verdict for this good tool that is capable enough as well. And, when compared to the features, the pricing is somewhat affordable as well. After all, you won’t be hesitated to spend when you desperately need some data to be recovered.

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