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6 Facts You Should Know About Apple Watch


After a hell lot of rumors, speculations and anticipation, Apple Watch — the most personal device from Apple, as its description says — is out, and you would have seen enough reviews that it will be an easy task to decide whether it’s a worthy deal to have an Apple Watch, probably as an impressive companion for the Apple iPhone you have. Apple is offering three variants of this smartwatch — Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition —, which are meant for various purposes; for instance, Apple Watch Sport proves most helpful when fitness tracking is main need! As there are variety of models in each Collection, which vary in terms of features and pricing, you’ll be able to choose one easily. Well, if you have made your decision to get Apple Watch by paying an amount that ranges between $350 and $1000, there is something you should know! In this post, we have come up with a list of six facts that you should — or, we will say, MUST, if you are new to smart-watch — about Apple Watch. Regardless your experience, you’ll find these facts helpful in the long run, at least when you are at the store to get your Apple Watch.


1. It Isn’t a Replacement — a Companion, rather

Mainly due to the intense limelight that was poured upon development & launch of Apple Watch, there are a lot of expectations that Apple Watch is as smarter as your iPhone and you can get rid of your iPhone once you’ve worn the smart device around your wrist! However the fact goes on contrary with that expectation — Apple Watch is literally a watch with something smarter in it. Thus, we are of an opinion that you can call Apple Watch a nice companion for your iPhone, given the iPhone is at a distance that is covered by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. To be frank, you are not going to manage your iCloud documents using the smaller screen. On the other hand, you can get a notification when there is one in your iPhone or may be a Facebook message; and chances are high that you will love the gentle vibration that’s not as irritating as a Smartphone vibration. So, we repeat, go for Apple Watch if you need an iPhone Companion. Or, you might end up regretting your decision.


2. Best if you can use it as a Fitness Tracker

Yeah, we clearly recall that we have named Apple Watch a smart-watch that can empower your days when combined with an iPhone but the fact to be said, you’ll get the best out of Apple Watch if you use it as a fitness tracker. Though you cannot find that much exclusive in Apple Watch when it comes to tracking fitness of your body, there is enough features you will find useful. When worn on your wrist, the Watch will track your steps, heart rate — there is a heart rate sensor — and amount of calories burned during the particular workout etc. You can have a glance using the mini screen or go to the iPhone app to know more, quite deeply. There is no switching on or setting up, but the watch will start tracking your fitness once you have worn it — sort of absent, though amazingly efficient. So, if you do prefer an impressive fitness tracker that does not limit itself to that category, buying an Apple Watch is a good decision.


3. Behold — Sensors are Susceptible to Wrist Tattoos

If you have wrist tattoos, finding the accurate heart rate reading may not be possible using Apple Watch, because its Heart Rate sensor readings may be affected due to the presence of tattoos between your skin and watch. Results will be worst if you wear darker tattoos, as those kinds of tattoos will obstruct the flow of light. This fact was confirmed by Apple following a few reports from users that indicated interference in heart rate readings. Despite suggestions to be followed, it will be a bit tough if your primary intention is fitness tracking if you have worn wrist tattoos. So, keep this mind, and check your wrists before you get the Apple Watch from store — there’s nothing to be done once you have spent around $300.


4. Apple Watch Sport has a Manufacturing Cost of $84

This fact may not be surprising as Apple Watch is from Apple Inc., for a relation between manufacturing cost and that actual price is something unthinkable when it comes to Apple products, so does Apple Watch. Tear-down analysis the experts shows that Apple Watch Sport includes components that cost around $84 when added up. There is nothing much to be thought about, because the other stuff that Apple does includes when it comes to building products is an important reason for the hike of price. Nevertheless, you can be aware of this fact if you are collecting money you do not have for getting Apple Watch. On the other hand, just let it go, and spend a few more dollars to make your wrist a bit smarter.


5. 3500 Apps to Choose From

Despite the launch date of Apple Watch, Apple Inc has made 3500 Apple Watch apps available for download! Indeed the list will have apps to make your life productive and such a huge number surprises us, as Apple is very strict when it comes to accepting applications, due to the high priority given to quality. There is nothing much to be compared, because Android Wear has a huge collection that can easily compete against the yet-to-be-powered-up App Store of Apple Watch. Yet, for those who love the exclusivity of Apple Watch and other services, 3500 is high in number and you can rely on that, for sure. Also, as per what Tim Cook says, Apple has been successful in meeting its internal goal to have more apps that what they had after launch of iPad — there’s enough difference between 1000 and 3500 —, which is impressive too.


6. A Hidden, Useful Charging Port

As you might know, Apple Watch is powered by inductive charging that does not require you to wires or other mess-up stuff. If you take a deeper look into the side part of Apple Watch, you can find a port that is actually HIDDEN! That said, the port is presumably meant for the internal use of manufacturer, since Apple keeps a lot of secrets in almost every device it brings to the forefront. Nevertheless, as per what an accessory maker says, this hidden port,  which is having six pins, can be used for charging the device; the manufacturer also adds that the charging process will be bit more quick as compared to inductive charging. The manufacturer adds that the Battery Band from the firm Reserve Strap will be accompanied by a tool to open the port and use it for charging. All these having said, there is a quite big chance that Apple Inc may restrict or remove the use of the port, even if Reserve Strap happens to come up with one solution to charge your Apple Watch quickly.

By the way, do you think there are some other facts that are worth mentioning in this post? If you think so, do let us know through your comments and we will love to know and let them know!

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