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Best 3 Android Apps for Smartphone Photography


When previous decade saw rise and establishments of Smartphones and related products & accessory, a lot of things came into our day-to-day life, such as selfie, Facebook check-ins, and pretty much more! However, if we’re to look at things from the viewpoint of those who find something to be photographed in anything, the most significant factor is the presence of impressive cameras that accompany today’s Smartphones. This is the same what gave rise to what is now called Smartphone Photography! Now, with cameras that can compete with fully-fledged DSLRs out there, it will be a matter of whether you can click well. Nevertheless, despite the fact that your device may have impressive kind of sensors, the default camera application will limit you from getting the best out of it — exactly why you need third-party applications to move on. In this post, however, we shall have a list of top three Android apps for those who are interested in Smartphone Photography. If you have a device with advanced capabilities such as shooting in RAW, it is just Christmas with these apps installed in your Android Smartphone or Tablet PC. So, shall we move on to the list?


Snapseed — Photo Editing. Simplified

Snapseed comes straight from Google Inc and it is one of the best photo editing apps you can have for your Android-running Smartphone or Tablet PC. The application comes with a lot of presets that can help you make your photo bit more dynamic and good-looking. This free photo editor will be a good companion for you, especially if you are fed up with the default photo editor of Android Gallery. Thus, once you have taken a good snap and want to make it better, you can depend upon Snapseed and you will not regret. For instance, in terms of basic editing, you have features like auto-tune image, crop, transform, brush, spot repair etc. In addition, when it comes to the case of filters, you have a lot such as Lens Blur, HDR Scape, Grainy Film, Black & White, Retrolux, Vintage etc. If you want to be a bit surer, you can ask those who have used Snapseed and you can hardly hear a bad opinion, we bet. Literally, considering whole, Snapseed is an all-in-all photo editing solution for your Android Smartphone, provided that you take good ones. Top of all, Snapseed is a Google-made product and it says all we suppose.

Get Snapseed



Camera51 is an app you should get when the default photography app cannot satisfy your Smartphone Photography needs! More importantly, Camera51 will be the best choice when you need a Smartphone camera that is smarter, at least when compared to the default one. The most important feature you can find in Camera51 is the ability of app to detect scenes, objects, lines, faces etc. After detection, the app provides you enough guidelines and instructions that you end up capturing the best, professional-looking photograph. For instance, when it comes to framing, you’ve the option to find main objects of the scene automatically and act accordingly. On the other hand, adding bit manual feel to the photography experience, you can select objects manually and adjust focus, exposure etc. Also, there is an option to get notified whenever there is a peripheral object on the screen — so that you can get a neat shot with the things you really want. It has to be noted that the guidelines and instructions provided by the app have been made by professional photographers; so, when Camera51 advises you, you should be keen to accept — or, you must be bit courageous to break the rules ;).

Get Camera51


Manual Camera

As we mentioned earlier, some Smartphone camera apps may not have manual camera control features even when the camera sensor comes with ISO control and all. In those kinds of situations, Manual Camera is worth-going-with app for the Smartphone Photographer in you. Manual Camera can give you best results if you are having device with shooting in RAW. To know if your device supports manual camera control, you can try the compatibility test that comes from Manual Camera. If you’re successful, you can start taking photos as if you are using a fully-fledged DSLR-like camera. Things that you can manually control include shutter speed, focus distance, ISO, exposure compensation and manual White Balance; you don’t have to be worried about the device getting lagged, as these are damn fast. In addition, the app comes with RAW shooting, Gridlines, Timer and Geo-tagging that some camera applications do not have by default. Of course, if you are into serious photography using your Smartphone, you will find these manual-based features damn useful, in the long run, at least when you have the final image with you. It is to be noted that it is using Camera2 API to start working; if it’s not implemented, Manual Camera won’t work — simple as that. If we’re to consider all these, we’re sure that it makes sense to use Manual Camera. By the way, it’s a premium tool unlike the two above.

Get Manual Camera

We don’t know if you have used any of these apps before, but they will surely be of help when you want to have fine, stunning photographs from your Smartphone camera, rest assured.

image courtesy : MKBHD

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