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Flipkart to Go Mobile App Only From September


Bengaluru: Flipkart one of the major E-commerce sites had decided to move on the footsteps of Myntra with the decision of transacting via mobile app only. Online retailer spokesperson informed that as per the verdict of Mr Punit Soni, the chief product officer of the company, since September Flipkart will transact with mobile app only.

This was announced in the “town hall” meeting.  Last year Flipkart endowed Fashion e-tailer Myntra. India is bending a lot towards mobile technology and this is what has inspired the Flipkart owners to turn it mobile. They also want their customers to get complete assistance with the best experience of shopping through this app. An exponential positive raise in the purchase via mobile internet and smart gadgets have been noticed lately and this is what e-tailer is expecting.

75% of their traffic according to them is coming via mobile phones only and in such a circumstances going completely mobile is the best idea, as said by the Flipkart employee. The option of desktop or mobile whatever a customer wants will be open for the customer till September.

With approx 4.5 crores registered consumers and a database of 30K sellers Flipkart had registered itself among the leading site of e-commerce in India.  It was started in the year 2007, October and currently it is registering 1 crores visitors over their page regularly. The reach of the company is in more than 1k cities and per month it delivers approx 80 lakhs shipments.  The response of industry experts are mixed one towards the step taken by Flipkart and what one can do best is to stay morn and wait to stay what happen next!

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