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How to Unlock Country Code in Your Smartphone?


To avoid grey market imports, many phone companies features a region lock in their smartphones in Middle East. It’s not exactly a normal phone lock, in case you’re wondering. It is called Country Lock, Smartphone manufacturer ties up with the telecom companies and when you open your phone box, you’re only allowed it to use within the country. So, what happens in case you want to use the phone abroad or switch your carrier? You have to remove the country/region lock in such case.


Why it is locked?

Most of the phones sold in Middle East are subsidized, and carrier companies believe that locking is necessary part of their business. They lock your phone and you’re bound to use their service for 2 year. This is a great way to keep customers so they’ll continue paying the bills monthly.

Here in the article we will explain you, how you can remove the country lock in Samsung phones.

Warning: Before going for the unlocking procedure, backup your device. It is risky and we do not take any responsibility if anything goes wrong.


How to unlock your phone?


There are several ways to unlock phone:-

  1. Go professional: You can get your phone unlocked by your carrier, if your contract is getting expired. You can pay some termination fees and get it done by the carrier. Most of the carriers in US will unlock your phone.
  2. Do it yourself: In case the first option doesn’t work out. You can do it yourself by doing little R&D and it is now even legal in US. If your Samsung phone is rooted. Download an app called RegionLockAway from Chainfire at XDA Developers forum. It will remove the region lock in your phone. The same has been tested on the Note 3 and pretty safe to use.
  3. Paid Services: There are many companies and apps which provides paid services. You can buy their service and get the phone unlocked. Usually they will send you an unlock code with instructions to follow.


Here are few paid websites where you can reach:-

Safeunlockcode – They have many tutorials for unlocking, do check out their YouTube channel. They have explained well how it works. Basically, select the model of your phone from the menu on their website, alongside the IMEI, the network and the country the phone was originally bought from. Shortly after, you will receive an email with the unlock code which you have to insert on your Samsung Galaxy S6, and you’ll get the message “Unlock successful”.

The process vary from phone to phone, so we recommend you to do a proper R&D of your smartphone before performing any unlocking method. If you buy a phone from the manufacturer instead of carriers, usually it will be unlocked. But you will end up paying full price of the phone.

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