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LG G5 – What’s New Features in Flagship Smartphone?


Mobile World Congress is indeed a great place for manufacturers to launch their flagship devices, ensuring a superb-level reach and marketability. In MWC 2016, LG has made use of the opportunity by bringing LG G5 into the stage! It is the latest Android flagship device from the South Korea-based Smartphone manufacturer. On the first look, LG G5 may seem as a typical flagship Android Smartphone, as it has a clean build, classy finish and the stunning specs, if it’s the deal for you.

Talking of the design, there is nothing wrong if you find that LG G5 resembles the design of Nexus 6P from Huawei. It is more or less like a minimized version of Nexus 6P, though the specifications will make you believe otherwise. It has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Chipset, along with 4GB of RAM packed in it, and there are two cameras at the rear-portion — you have a typical 16MP camera and another 8MP shooter with 135-degree wideness. It has also packed some features such as VR support and the latest Android v6.0 running onboard.

Despite all these, there are some features that make LG G5 different from the other Android flagship devices you see in common scene. In this post, we shall have a look on the top features of LG G5, so that you can decide whether the device is worth going for. Even before we start, we can say they are going to amaze you and are exceptional.

Magic Slot

You would have heard of Modular Smartphones and that Google is preparing a fully-fledged modular Smartphone in the backstage. Well, it seems that LG has taken an early step by introducing a kind of modular scenario into its newer flagship device. The feature is named Magic Slot and this will allow you to attach different add-ons to your LG G5, so that you can enhance productivity and features of your Smartphone.

If you press the proposed key, the bottom part of your LG G5 would be popped out, which is also the method to remove the battery of your device. But, the notable thing is that you can attach a wide variety of add-ons to your LG G5. That is, you can simply replace the basic bottom part and use another one. Connecting and removing add-ons is an extremely easy process — when you want something, you can connect; and remove it when you don’t.

These add-ons let you do variety of actions, such as improving the battery capacity and enhancing the photography experience, and there are a lot of Magic Slot add-ons yet to come. Won’t that be awesome if you can get a battery backup of 4000mAh or so by having an add-on attached to your LG G5? In short, Magic Slot is a LG G5 feature that is no less than REVOLUTIONARY.

Cam Plus

We just talked about Magic Slot and added that there are two different add-ons available as of now. Cam Plus is one of those two add-ons, and it is meant to offer an enhanced photography experience through your LG G5. We did say that LG has left real scope for Smartphone photography with the dual camera — one 16MP normal shooter and 8MP wide shooter. Once you have connected Cam Plus add-on to your device, the photography experience will become a professional one.

The best part of Cam Plus is that the add-on can provide a superb grip to your LG G5, and you may feel as if you are feeling a DSLR camera. Of course, it adds a bit more bulk to your Smartphone, but that’s natural when you have your emphasis on photography. Also, Cam Plus has a dedicated shutter release button and a scrolling wheel for adjusting the zoom level. In addition, if you need a better backup for photography, you’d be happy to know that Cam Plus can improve your battery to 4000mAh when connected.

So, for those who are interested in serious Smartphone photography, Cam Plus add-on is a must, we bet!

Hi-Fi Plus

Next up among the add-ons available for LG G4, we have what is named as Hi-Fi. If you are one who wants to have a superb audio experience through your Smartphone, we can say that Hi-Fi is just right for you. When you connect this LG Hi-Fi Plus module, you are actually connecting an external 32-bit DAC and an in-built amplifier. Along with the top audio jack, you have another high-quality audio jack when you have connected Hi-Fi Plus. It has to be noted that you get a pair of awesome headphones when you purchase this Hi-Fi Plus module, and the headphones are supposed to give the best audio output, in the convenient format. Also, while the Cam Plus module is adding a bit of bulk to your LG G5, Hi-Fi Plus keeps the design more or less the same, keeping things handy even when you’re an audiophile.

Once you have connected the Hi-Fi Plus module, you can be sure that you are listening to the best-quality and stable sound output — delivered.

Always On Display

Always On Display is yet another praiseworthy feature of LG G5, and it works fine with the high-resolution display of the device. As you may have noticed, LG G5 has a 5.3-inched display of 2560*1440 resolution and pixel density of 554 ppi. In that case, Always on Display is quite a productive feature.

As the name says, the display of LG G5 doesn’t actually sleep! That is, every time you look into the screen, you would be notified about the important stuff — whether there’s a message, whether it’s charging or something else that can be present in the lock screen. Thanks to the use of LG’s own technologies and application processor, the battery use will be just 0.8% per hour when you have enabled this Always On Display feature.

That is, even when your display is on all the day, you are going to lose only a lesser amount of battery. If you are one who hates unlocking the Smartphone to check out the notifications and all, you’d love this top feature of LG G5 — as simple as that.

Many Accessories, Many Uses

While the Magic Slot feature is letting you enhance the productivity of your Smartphone features, LG has launched a few awesome accessories as well. On top of everything, we can count in the Virtual Reality Headset from LG, which connects to your G5 via USB type C and gives you access to the world of Virtual Reality content. This accessory does promise a high-quality video experience, with resolution of 639ppi.

Next up, we have LG 360 Cam. This accessory can be used to record 360 Degree content from your surroundings in a superb-level quality of 2K. The easy to handle accessory is having three mics on it and can support recording in 5.1ch surround sound. Also, the other LG G5 accessories include LG Rolling Bot — for home monitoring and control of the home appliances, and wired and wireless headphones for Hi-Fi audio support.

So, we have summed up the best five features of LG G5. Considering all these five, we can undoubtedly say that you are going to have a quite productive and smoother way with this flagship device from LG. Well, what do you think of these features? Do let us know through your comments.

              Other Specifications

OS Android 6.0
Display 5.3”
2560 x 1440
Corning Gorilla Glass 4
Processor Qualcomm MSM8996

Snapdragon 820

Storage Expandable up to 200 GB
Rear Camera 16 MP
Front Camera 8 MP
Battery 2800 mAh
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2, WLAN, NFC, USB Type-C 1.0, GPS, Infrared Port
Weight 159 gm
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