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5 Must Have Apps for Movie Lovers


Do you love movies or do you just watch them casually? Real movie buffs spend time hunting down trivia, watching trailers, and concentrating on scenes. If you’re ready to enter the world of serious movie aficionados, you need to download these five apps.

1. Fandango



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Price: Free, Operating system: Android and iOS

Visually stunning films like “Avatar” and “Interstellar” look fine on an HDTV, but you need to watch them in the theater to get the full experience. Unfortunately, the most popular movies tend to sell out. If you arrive a few minutes before the starting time, you may not get a seat.

Fandango helps you avoid this problem by letting you browse movie times and purchase tickets on your smartphone. If you’re not sure which movie you want to watch tonight, you can read reviews and watch trailers on the app. You can even filter movies by format, genre, and MPAA rating so you don’t waste time wading through options you know you don’t want to see.

Since Fandango streams movie trailers, you’ll get the best results by using a smartphone with a superb display and fast processor. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has a Quad HD Super AMOLED display and Octa-core 64-bit processor that will give you a remarkable viewing experience. Without an HD screen, you won’t really know what a new movie looks like until you see it in the theater.

2. RunPee

Price: Free, Operating system: Android and iOS

A movie theater has better audio-visual equipment than you could ever purchase for your home. It doesn’t, however, give you a pause button so you can run to the bathroom without missing important scenes.

RunPee can’t pause a movie for you, but it can tell you when to hit the restroom without missing crucial plot twists, hilarious jokes, or exciting action scenes. Each carefully chosen Peetime gives you three to five minutes to visit the restroom. Every movie has lulls that you can afford to miss. RunPee makes sure you take a break during these less-important scenes instead of missing a film’s best moments.

3. My Movies Pro

Price: $6.99 for Android; $7.99 for iOS, Operating system: Android and iOS

If you’re a serious movie buff, then you probably have hundreds — if not thousands — of titles at home. Between computer files, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and old VHS tapes, it’s difficult to keep track of what you own. My Movies Pro lets you catalog the films and television shows in your collection so you know exactly what you have.

The My Movies app does more than tell you what movies you own. It also connects you to an online database that can give you information on more than 800,000 movies. Having access to this database will help you decide what movie you want to watch tonight. If you’re trying to decide whether you want to purchase a new title, you can use the database to choose one you’ll love.

4. IMDb



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Price: Free, Operating system: Android and iOS

If you want to find information about a movie, television show, or actor, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) probably has what you’re looking for. Learn about your favorite performer’s history by reading short, user-created biographies that include details about his or her birth date, spouses, and work history. The IMDb app also lets members rate movies, so you can focus on the ones that earn high scores.

5. Guess the Movie

Price: Free, but in-app purchases can cost up to $9.99, Operating system: Android and iOS

You can learn a lot from reading IMDb entries, so why not put your knowledge to use by playing Guess the Movie? The game gives you visual clues about a movie to see if you can guess the title. It has clues for hundreds of films, so you won’t get bored with the app after a few plays. Plus, it has multiple levels that become progressively difficult as you answer clues correctly.

The basic version of Guess the Movie is free, but there are plenty of in-app purchases that expand the game. The more packs you buy, the more questions the app can ask.

No matter how much you love movies, you always have new things to learn. Download these apps to expand your knowledge and get more enjoyment from your favorite films.

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