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How to Play Pokemon GO Using GPS Spoofing?


It’s been less than a month since Pokemon Go has been released and we already find people strolling down the streets either individually or in groups. Irrespective of age, there are all kinds of individuals wandering wide-eyed, gazing at the mobile screens and often screaming with ecstasy. Yes! This is what Pokemon Go has done. What are they exactly doing, playing the game that is making them so happy? Well, this augmented reality game enables us to trace Pokemon, catch them, train them. How is this different from any other video games? In this game, you have to be outside to find the Pokemon.

What is GPS Spoofing?

Pokemon Go uses your device’s GPS signal in the procedure of tracing the Pokemon in your area. Once you’re close to a particular Pokemon, you will be given an opportunity to capture it. However, the rare Pokemon are often found in weird areas like in the deep dark alleys, barren fields or the secluded areas. Also, sometimes people would rather prefer playing the game sitting at the home than going out. This is where GPS spoofing comes to your rescue. By faking your GPS, you will be able to catch Pokemon while sitting in a static position. Though GPS spoofing is not anything new, but by juxtaposing it with games like Pokemon Go; it reaches a whole different level.

Play Pokemon in Android using GPS Spoofing:

Here’s how you can play Pokemon in Android using location spoofing through step by step procedure.

  1. Download and Install Spoofer App: Initially, to alter the location; you need to download a location spoofer. You can find a multiple numbers of spoofers on Google Play Store out of which the one from Mega apps Ventures stands out to be the best. Once the app is installed, go to Settings>Developer Options>Mock Location App and then choose the app that you installed through the popup.
  2. Choose the fake location: The above step sets your phone for spoofing. Now, open the app and you will find a world map. Select the location you want to be yours by zooming on the map. Once you’re satisfied with the location, double tap on it and then click on the orange play button at the bottom. You can always stop spoofing by clicking on the notification from the notification panel at any time.
  3. Play Pokemon Go: Go back to the home screen and now open the Pokemon Go. The game will show the spoofed location as your current location and therefore, you can even find the Pokemon in that area. Who knows? Might you get an Arcanine even?

Play Pokemon in iOS using GPS Spoofing:

  1. Unlike Android, iOS Spoofing can be a little tricky, and therefore it results in more of a ban than using a spoofer app. If you have already jailbroken your device or rooted it previously, you need to bypass the detection of Jailbreak inscribed in Pokemon Go as a start.
  2. To bypass the detection, iOS users need master ball Cydia tweak. You can use any of the three tweaks (Pokepatch, tcprotector or 8+ Cydia tweak) as they all work without any errors.
  3. Choose one of the above tweaks and install it on your jailbroken iOS device. Now, go to the Cydia>Sources and add the repo, “http://cokepokes.github.io/.” After adding it, using the search feature find the Master Ball and then install it on the device. Restart the device once the installation is done.
  4. After making sure that the Master Ball is installed, open your Pokemon Go app. You won’t find the detection feature which disturbs you, often. The Cydia tweak just helps you to stay at a particular place while spoofing instead of jumping from a place to other. Thereby, the developers can’t detect you as you will usually be walking instead of teleporting.
  5. Once your detection feature is off, go to Cydia and find “Reload Sources.” Here, add “http://www.williamlcobb.com/repo” to the list. Now again, access the search option and find “PokemonGoAnywhere” to install it on the device. By doing this, you will able to spoof your location to anywhere. Make sure that you’re facing North while using the tweak.

Be Careful on Being Banned:

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t overdo the spoofing just because now you know you can. It is recommended not to change your location very often, i.e., more than once in a day because the developers can easily detect you and you will be soft banned once you’re noticed. Even though if you capture the Pokemon, all your progress will be gone and you have to start it from square one. So instead of misusing it, change the location when it’s needed and excel in the game. If you have any doubts regarding the GPS Spoofing procedure, comment in the section so that we can provide you a subtle solution.

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