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Top 10 Android Phones


What android phones are available? There are hundreds of phones one can purchase today. For those who want the Android OS, there are many great options from which you can choose. If you like functionality, design, speed, and great resolution, these are the top 10 Android phones available to consider investing in today.

1. Nexus 5: 

An affordable price point, Marshmallow OS, quick processor speeds, and sleek design. At 5.7” screen size, and almost fully rounded edges, the phone looks good and offers a lightweight design. Although the body isn’t the sturdiest, it does feature a 12 MP rear camera, and great usability features and functionality. Add in an average price point and you can’t go wrong with this great phone.

2. Galaxy Edge 6S:

With a 5.7” screen size, 1920 X 1080 resolution, side notifications, email, push to talk, and the ever popular Galaxy model, who wouldn’t love this phone. It also has an 8 MP front and 12.3 MP rear camera. For photo sharing, video capture, or Skype calls, the phone is a great option for shoppers.

3. Nexus 6P:

Also features the 5.7” screen size, 12 MP camera, 3 GB ram, and 32, 64, or 128 GM memory and expansion options. Fingerprint scanner is accurate, the phone is light in weight, design is sleek and modern, and the price point is lower than models like the Galaxy series of phones.

4. LG V10:

Android 5.1, large 5.7” screen size, and the rectangular design give this phone a unique look and feel. A 16 MP rear camera is far superior than other phones out there for the photo taking enthusiast. A 120 degree wide, 5 MP front facing camera isn’t too shabby either. The 3000 mah battery also gives you reasonable battery life, even with wi fi on, on this great phone.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

If you want a phablet, this is it. The large body, stylus pen, push and design functionality, and 1440 p resolution, are just a few perks owners will appreciate. A curved look gives it a sleek finish and design, and note-taking couldn’t be any easier with this phone than you will find available today.

6. LG G5:

If you seek innovation in a smartphone, this is it. The modular phone allows you to swap out features as you need them, and make this an all in one device (tablet, laptop, phone, etc). Sleek round edges, 5.3” screen size, great resolution, and an excellent camera, are a few of the additional perks owners are bound to make the most out of.

7. One Plus 3:

Premium design, affordable price tag, reasonable camera, but the overall look and feel could be a little better. Camera is reasonable, and for a flagship device, it is somewhat impressive in comparison to other roll outs Android has sent out in the past. At 5.5” in size, and AMOLED display, it is good for the price tag you are going to pay for it.

8. Moto G4:

5.5” and 1080 display, a 13 MP camera, 16 GB storage as well as an expansion slot, are the basics on this device. The Snapdragon processor is quick, the design is elemental in nature but compact, and although it does lack NFC, does offer wi fi. For the price point, you can’t find too many superior devices on the market today.

9. Huawei P9:

It has a 1080 resolution along with a 5.2” screen size, for reasonable viewing on screen. USB-C port, 12 MP camera, built in sensors, and it is extremely fast, for those who like gaming or enjoy running several apps or processes at the same time, it won’t slow down on your. It is said to be the best phone the manufacturer has cranked out to date, and isn’t too excessively priced in the competitive market.

10. HTC 10:

Want a music player, this is it. 5.2” screen size, 4 GB ram, expandable memory slots, fingerprint scanner, and a reasonable quality camera, are a few of the features this phone brings with it. It is not too pricey, but not an entry level price point either.

With several phones to consider, Android offers a wide range of options, from top manufacturers, at varying price points. Whether you are after the best deal, the top manufacturers, or are looking for a combination of both and want to find the best devices today, there are several great phones you can choose to invest in as a consumer. These are a few of those great phones for those who are considering purchasing a new Android today. To find out some more information about some of these phones listed then why not take a look at techcred.co.uk.

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