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Why You Should Buy A Kodi Box ?


Using streaming sites such as Amazon and Netflix is very much one of the most popular ways to consume content nowadays.  With this in mind, it is probably not very surprising that Kodi boxes have become as popular as they have in the last decade.  You may be asking yourself, what exactly is a Kodi box?  Well, if you are unfamiliar with the name and what it involves, this post is just right for you as we will look in greater detail what a Kodi box is, how it works and perhaps most importantly of all – why you should bother considering to invest in one in the first place.

What Is Kodi?

For the uninitiated, Kodi is a completely open-source type of software that is free and can be used for home entertainment.  You will be familiar with it, even if you don’t recognise the name, if you owned an original XBox and ever used the XBox Media Centre, as it is essentially the same thing.  After Microsoft no longer owned the software though, it evolved and became a cutting edge tool in its own right.

Kodi, compared to popular and very similar, subscription-based services like Chromecast and Plex, is run by the non-profit organisation known as XBMC Foundation.  The organisation ensure that the software is regularly modified and upgraded and this work is carried out by hundreds and hundreds of skilled coders across the globe.

After  the evolution Kodi went through when it stopped being used by Microsoft for the XBox, it has been redesigned to enable it to run on home servers that can be connected to personal computers and large modern televisions in your living room.  Over the years, as more people are consuming media content through their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, Kodi has been altered and shaped to run on these too.

What Is A Kodi Box?

As you may have gathered, one of the biggest reasons why Kodi is one of the best and most popular streaming apps of its kind is because it can be installed on pretty much anything.  With the right skin, Kodi will work on anything as simple as an Amazon Fire TV Stick and as powerful as a supped up Macbook Pro.  One of the issues though using Kodi installed onto one of these devices, is that you will have to disconnect and reconnect every time you want to switch between using the device for watching streamed content and when you want to use it for the purpose the device was intended.  This is why so many people, and why you should, consider investing in an actual Kodi box.

A Kodi box can be described as being a wholly dedicated streaming device for streaming just Kodi, meaning you can connect it to your TV at all times and it can sit under or beside it just like your DVD  or Blu-Ray player and any video games consoles you may have connected as well.

Why You Should Buy A Kodi Box?

Although many of the benefits have already been touched on further up this post, it is worth highlighting exactly why you should bother investing in a Kodi box.

Completely Free

Aside from the actual retail cost of the Kodi box itself, the content you can view through this software is completely free.  That means you can have literally hundreds of movies, TV shows, TV channels, radio channels, music and all other forms of home entertainment without needing to pay any subscriptions or extra fees.  This makes it the most obvious and perfect alternative to other services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, if you have limited budget.

Wholly Dedicated Streaming Device

If in the past you ever used the Kodi app on either your tablet, smartphone or computer, you will know the major problem with using it through these kinds of devices.  When you install it onto a mobile device, you have to constantly switch between using the device either as a Kodi device or as for its intended purpose.  In other words, you cannot run Kodi in the background and switch easily between it and your other mobile devices other functions

A Kodi box is perfect for you then as it is a completely dedicated streaming device that you can keep plugged into your wireless internet connection and TV, without it disrupting anything else you may want to use.

As we hope you can see, if you are looking for a cost effective streaming device to rival the subscription based services and devices out there, a Kodi box may be worth investing in for all your streamed content needs and if you need any help, there are plenty of kodi box reviews out there.


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