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A Guide to Finding the Best Computer to Suit Your Needs


We simply can’t live without them. Whether you desire a desktop for use in the home, for work, or for families, or a laptop for portability, a computer is a must have item today. But, how do you choose the right one? What do you look for and how do you narrow down your options when shopping for one? These are a few basics when it comes to shopping for your new computer, and finding the best product which is bound to suit your desired needs and planned uses, regardless of what that may be for each user.

1. Use desired –

You have to map out what you plan on using the device for. If it is a work computer or one for school, you may need plenty of storage space and quick internet connectivity options. If it is for gaming, you want great graphics cards, screen size, resolution, but might not worry too much about additional storage. For those in need of a family computer, internet connectivity and some kind of parental warning or security is a feature you may desire, if you want to limit what your kids do and see on the computer.

2. Set budget, but keep brands in mind –

Yes you do have to set a budget for the purchase. But, this does not mean compromise on quality. In fact, many top manufacturers offer great savings, deals, or even payment plans you can opt for when shopping for your new computer. Know the pricing, compare the market, look for older versions (if graphics and new features aren’t too important to you), and you can find a great deal. Before rushing in and purchasing an expensive laptop or computer you should always look around for better deals. Catalog comparison sites such as Lovecatalogues are a good place to start your search as they review the best catalogs and make it easy to find which catalogs sell what.

3. Portable or fixed –

This is a big area of concern, namely for millennials. Do you go with a laptop or desktop? Consider a laptop as a mobile computer. It typically does the same as a desktop, but lets you move around. Remember you typically can’t print directly (need external connections), need peripherals like a mouse, and are limited with screen sizes and keyboard size. Desktops offer a great range in terms of sizing, resolution, built in and all-in-one styles, but they are fixed. Depending on how mobile you are, and whether or not you are the only user, this is an area of concern to keep in mind as you are shopping for your new computer.

4. The techs –

4 GB versus 8 GB built in. If you aren’t aware of these terms or don’t really use too much storage, it probably won’t make a difference to you and you simply want a cheaper option. On the flip side, those who need plenty of storage, expandable or additional storage, fast RAM, quick processor speed, ability to keep the fan cool and have high clock speed, are some things to consider. Make sure you know if there is expandable storage you can add, if you do save plenty of items and need additional storage in the future.

There is no cut and dry way to go about shopping for a new computer, whether that is a new laptop or a new desktop you are going to be investing in. What is important however is to do your homework and to research prior to the purchase. You don’t simply want to go to a local shop with no information or knowledge, as a sales team will try to sell you things you do not need, simply so they can make money off you. Rather, know the terms; know the difference between RAM and ROM. Know how much speed is desired, how much memory or expansion you desire, and other important factors when shopping for your new computer.

The more time you spend shopping and researching, the easier your final decision is going to be when the time comes for you to decide what it is that you are going to invest in. Far more important however is the fact that you are going to make the right decision for personal use and needs. So, before you do buy a new laptop or the new desktop you are going to set up for use in the home for a family, these are some topics to consider, so as to ensure you make the right purchase choice as a consumer.

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