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6 Specifications Makes Google Pixel at Top of Premium Smartphone


Google has launched the Google Pixel phones finally after numerous announcements and a huge press conference. An interesting thing about the launch is that there are two different versions available as Pixel and Pixel XL with little different specifications. These phones are launched as the replacements of the Nexus phones, and Google has done a real good job in designing these phones. Apart from the sleek design and powerful functionality, it’s the clannish features that make the phones, exciting. These phones are not entirely pure as the Nexus phones and are a little spiced up leaving the Android enthusiasts to comment on the amalgamation. However, these phones are hot enough to make the customers accept the new whistles and bells.

Then again, the main question is what exactly make the Google Pixel phones different from the Nexus phones? It all lies in the embedded software. Even though the Pixel phone contains the latest Android versions but it doesn’t limit to the bare stock version. It has many layered features that are inclusive in the overtop OS, Android Nougat 7.1. While many of the software changes are cosmetic, they are equally genuine. Here’s all you should know about the Pixel phones:

Build with Google Assistant:

   Google Pixel is the first phone to have a Google Assistant built in, giving the users on-demand access continuously to the next generation personal assistant system (virtual). This assistant can be triggered either by holding the home button or touching it for a while or by uttering a hot word. The personal assistant is conversational and also smarter than before. It will be available in every corner of the phone as it runs on the Google Home. It can hold the phone conversations, dig flight or train tickets, pull information from search engines related to an event, make reservations at hotel and other venues.

6 Specifications Makes Google Pixel at Top of Premium Smartphone

Best Smartphone Camera:

 Nexus phones are known for the potato cameras which made them less desirable. However, Google has constantly been experimenting with the phones and came up with a 12.3 MP camera for the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5S versions which are launched in the last year. To strengthen the cameras of Pixel phones, they inserted the Sony’s IMX378 sensor which makes it excellent than the previous 12.3 with larger 1.55u pixels and a f/2.0 aperture lens. The Pixel phone is said to be rated an 89, the highest of the group by DxOMark.

Unlimited Storage of image & videos:

Complimenting the best smartphone camera on the Pixel phones, Google is providing free unlimited storage of images and videos along with the handsets. The storage includes the 4K videos and also the high-resolution pictures that are taken from the phone as well. Once the videos and photos are backed to Google drive, it prompts to delete the files on its own and makes space for the newer files, and in this way, you will never run out of storage at all. In case if you want to use the backup files, the phone can restore them on demand, and you will never even get a notification about running out of the device’s storage space.

Quick Switch Adapter:

 Google has huge expectations on the Pixel phones and therefore is expecting users to switch, and that is exactly why it included ‘Quick Switch Adapter‘ in the pixel phones to help transfer and migrate the data easily from Android phones and iPhones. Since all the data is usually backed up to the drive, switching between phones is easy. However, the pain lies when one wants to switch from an Android to iOs or from iOS to Android. This Adapter helps in transferring the data by connecting old phone at one end and the new phone to the other end of the USB cable.

EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) Improves Shaky Video:

 We all have heard of the optical image stabilization, but why is Google choosing EIS over OIS? EIS and OIS have variant goals, and you can’t compare one with other. While OIS improves low light images by compensating the handshake in each of the frame, EIS improves the shaky video by maintaining constant interval between the video frames. OIS is for photo, while EIS is exclusively for video.

Quick OS updates:

 The phone is not exactly waterproof, but it is easy for you to get any tech service support. With the built-in support system, you can ring the Google for assistance and the Duo’s video conferencing system will help you troubleshoot the video issues. Google is offering the Pixel owners two entire years of OS upgrades straight from Google and three exclusive years of security updates making the phone stand at the top of its game.

On the whole, Google is launching two different sizes as Pixel and Pixel XL with almost the same specifications out of which one is a 5 inch- HD display model and the other is a 5.5 inch- QHD model. The price of the Pixel phone starts at $649 if you’re looking for a 32 GB model and is relatively expensive than the Google Nexus phones. However, with all the above mentioned specifications, it’s entirely worth it and you should try pre booking one just in case. Pre Order started at Flipkart, and Google Store.

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