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Free and Paid VPN Services: Pros and Cons


Difference between paid and free VPN services:

VPN provider should be most trusted party as it has access to your internet activity as well as to confidential data. It is important to choose wisely and read customer reviews before making final decision. Without any questions paid services have higher level of protection and many other important features as super speed, absence of annoying advertisement, protection against cyber bullying, your physical location is kept is secret as well.

As opposed to that free services leave your traffic exposed as there is no encryption, poor security means that your usernames, passwords and bank details are at risk, customer support also leaves much to be desired. Still some users prefer free deals even with quite affordable prices for paid ones. What are the benefits and flaws of best free VPN vs paid?

Free and Paid VPN Services: Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of free and paid deals:

It’s about security. This is the crucial point and the first detail we are paying attention to. While choosing a VPN provider it is important to find out protocols are offered: services that require no fee in most cases are using PPTP, it is the easiest to set up but rather vulnerable to attacks – your VPN connections aren’t safe. Fee requiring offers use IPsec or L2TP protocols that are more secure than PPTP.

Internet connection with free VPN is much slower as they have no revenue to invest and improve these connections. Paid services, however, have the ability to invest and provide more secure and faster connections. Great amount of servers in various countries allow paid offerst to provide live and fast connection as higher bandwidth is used. Lack of multiple VPN nodes is a great flaw of free provider as clients are risking to be unexpectedly disconnected.

Costumer support services also differ greatly as with free provider you have to troubleshoot by yourself while customers of paid services will enjoy 24/7 professional help by phone or just use built-in assistance that allows fast problem solving.

One of benefits of no fee Virtual Private Network providers ensure is anonymity as while signing up for free services no one checks your identity. That means you able providing fake name and details as opposed to paid services, where you are expected giving correct information that will be used in payment process.

Taking into account all above mentioned it is easier to choose suitable VPN provider. Your safety comes first and sometimes it is worth paying to make sure you are not being spied on as well as you’re your internet activity is kept in secret.

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