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PC Spy Software: Monitor Internet of Things


PC Spy Software has proved to be a boon for the Employers, Parents and other higher authorities which have to look after proper functioning of the system as a whole and ensure that nothing is Time is often considered equivalent to money, but time does not come back and it cannot be recycled.  Internet have become the basic and utmost need of an individual in the present era but when it comes to productivity and proper guidance to a particular  task there must be a method to check whether everything is on track and this purpose is diligently solved by the PC Spy Software. Nonetheless with the increase in the usage for the internet, a hell lot of distractions like Social Networking Sites, Pornography have also been aroused which ultimately leads to a sheer waste of time as well as resources.

Features of PC Spy Software:

Since 1998, PC Spy Software has been providing solutions for Personal Computer Monitoring and since then lots of features have been added to the ground. One of the most core features is Remote Internet Monitoring Software.  The Remote Internet Monitoring Software is feature in PC Spy Software which not only allows a user to remotely access a computer without any physical presence but also provides a Central Monitoring System. One can easily install or uninstall the software remotely. It timely collects the Keystrokes, collects the information about the programs running or closed on the system, takes the screenshots of the Desktop, all Print logs, Files used or opened, chat records from all famous Messenger, Skype and Google Talk. More or less it covers all the areas so that nothing can escape below your belt. Each and every activity by the user is under your eyes. Not even this, the software works under the Sheath Mode and keeps in track of all sorts of system activities like RAM and Memory usages. NETVIZOR is one of the most important features of the PC Spy Software which provide Network and Employee monitoring solutions. Internet is provided to the employees on the first basis but often employees end up wasting their time and potential surfing uselessly on the websites. Employees end up using Online Shopping, Social Networking sites and other useless sites. It is also a concern for the company that the employee may transfer the confidential information and details of the company to their competitors.  With proper remote administration tools one can keep track of the Keystrokes, File Transfer details and even the Internet activities like FACEBOOK on the host computer. One can keep track of all the activities and hence be insured about the task and an activity their employees are performing online and generate real time alert and messages as soon as a rule is violated. SENTRYPC is another important feature of the PC Spy Software specially designed for the parents to keep a track on the online activities of their kids. Often it is observed that internet misleads the people of the age below 20years and they waste lots of time on it, which damages their career to a huge extent. Cyber bullying is also a prime issue for the youngsters, which includes hurtful and mean comments and rumours. SENTRYPC allows the parents to restrict the internet usage by blocking certain websites. Any program can be properly filtered and scheduled according to the viability and content by the parents for their child. SOCIAL SPY is also pretty important feature to account all kinds of social media activities on the computer. It takes the real time snapshots of the social media activities and even the user can access all the snapshots in the real time using the Social Spy account wherever they may be.

Advantages of the PC Spy Software:

PC Spy Software has lots of advantages over other software of the same kind. It not only provides online monitoring services but also a Centralised User Control Panel. One can easily access all the information remotely from anywhere; they just require their USER ID and PASSWORD. Parental control feature allows scheduling and filtering the accessible content. One can get hold of how the Personal Computer at home or work is used or even with whom the employees or child is communicating with. The PC Spy Software is always a solution to satisfy or secure you whenever a person is in a state of doubt.


PC Spy Software is compatible with all versions of Windows and MAC. It requires 2 GB of RAM for the optimum performance. The internet should be proper and PC should always be connected to the system to get timely updates. The software comes with various licence options and can be bought accordingly. Besides the PC Spy Software has received various awards for the real time performance from BIZ2CONSUMER and DoDownload.Com. Moreover the software is one of a kind and the best option available to regulate the usage of Personal Computers.



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