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Student Engagement Through Educational Apps


One of the biggest challenges in the field of education would be as to how to increase the engagement and interaction of students in learning. Also, most of them agree that, this challenge and strategies applied for student engagement has to increase the role of participation from every student so that they improve, learn and achieve.


By the impact of technology, we can find a significant and numerous number of changes that has took place in the field of education technology.The recent advances in the field of technology have created better options for the technology making use of multiple devices.The educators have found various different options for teaching like websites, apps and many other tools that actually can motivate a student to engage himself in the process of learning. The educational apps come into picture here.


The Educational apps, nowadays, are of primary importance as they have said to make a good impact on the learning techniques of students. The use of education apps in mobile technology, facilitates the process of engagement and learning in the classrooms. Also various campuses have seen a significant growth with the development of these apps. At present, there are about 20,000 educational apps worldwide which promote student engagement like the Byju’s- The learning App that provides plenty of learning options to the students.


Hence the need for adopting the use of educational apps for learning is changing the way of education and also around 78% of the students are reported to be using this mobile app for the academic purposes.


How and Why the educational apps are of Importance in Student Engagement:


Here are some of the ways that shows a light on the importance of student engagement through the educational apps:


  1. Nowadays, we can find that the expectations of students are increasing and mainly at the higher level of education. They go through a complex form of life balancing about with school, homeworks and social time. As a part of this, they are expected to learn and complete the assignments on time. Hence at these stages, the learning apps provide a good impact to acquire more knowledge and also increase their capabilities of learning.


  1. Unlike the old methods of learning and reading, students of present generation are more interested in the interactive, engaging and collaborative methods of teaching. Their styles of learning a topic has changed with the improvement of technology. Also, most of the parents are expecting the schools to make use of complex technologies so that it develops and helps in the growth of career opportunities with their children.


  1. The lowering of technology gap is also important while preparing a student for the workforce of future. For the students who do not have an internet access at their home, mobile learning through the education apps is one of the cost effective ways that can help them to improve their engagement to study. And moreover, student engagement in the process of learning is important.


  1. The educational apps provide a good access to various concepts related to all the classes of CBSE and ICSE such as NCERT books, sample papers, chapterwise questions and answers, unique learning videos and many more. These apps also have materials providing a learning videos and concepts that covers all the syllabus related to competitive exams like UPSC, CAT, IIT, JEE, etc.

How Byju’s Learning app helps for Student engagement in Academic careers:


Byju’s- The learning app is a great educational app providing a good access to all the levels of studies for a student in an engaging manner. This education app features various and thousands of learning videos that enhances the skillsets of a student in learning process. The app consist of video classes by the best trainers of the country.


The various features provided within the app are listed below:


  • 1000+ hours of engaging videos concepts that covers all the syllabus from the best trainers.
  • Feedback and analysis given with chapterwise-tests.
  • Mastering the concepts through the application of customized and adaptive learning modules.
  • It provides Unlimited number of practice questions and tests with a deep analysis.
  • This app is known to be the India’s Largest science and maths Quiz App.
  • Regular tests and full time study materials are provided up to class 12 CBSE and ICSE.
  • The app also provides NCERT solutions for the class 12 along with a preparation materials for aspirants who appear for competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, IIT, CAT, UPSC, etc.
  • It caters adaptive paths in order to serve the learning needs of every students.

Hence by the application of such tools in the field of learning and technology, instructors as well as the students will develop time-management skills and get engaged in studies. By the use of these educational apps, the future of India will see more development of apps that can be used for the purpose of classroom planning and behavior management. This will also allow a more time for an quality instruction, in all the levels of education.



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