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Paid Versus Free VPN Services


First and foremost, what does VPN stand for? And what does it actually mean? A VPN is a “Virtual Private Network”, and they are mostly used by businesses and large corporations alike, when they want to add an additional layer of security to their overall network. Most companies today hold extremely sensitive customer and client data that would be detrimental to their business if they were hacked. We have seen many real life examples of companies that have been prone to being hacked, and the financial cost of repairing both their network, security, and branding. Most recently Yahoo! comes to mind. They had a very large buy out from Verizon that was threatened and nearly cancelled all due to their lack of security over their network. The bid end up being revised downward by roughly $500 million, so there is a true cost to having a lack of security. This is precisely why a VPN is vital to all companies, both large and small. The question remains, however, should you pay for your VPN services, or go the free route?

Let’s weight the pros and cons of a paid service versus receiving it for free. I think we can all agree that the largest pro for using free VPN is that it doesn’t cost you a dime! There really isn’t a better benefit than not having to pay for something, but let’s not forget the opportunity cost that is lost if your network is hacked anyways. So this leads me to the benefits you receive with a paid VPN, that you otherwise wouldn’t receive with a free service. Most companies tend to prioritize their customer service and around the clock support for those customers that are paying them versus the ones who are not. This could come in the form of a dedicated customer service rep, or perhaps 24 hour support rather than just during normal business hours. Another great benefit would be higher bandwidth. Perhaps your network has a surge in traffic or use that day, and your VPN client might provide you with the additional bandwidth necessary to make sure that you don’t suffer a slowdown in your network. Then there is the additional encryption features that your VPN client is more apt to provide you with. Free customers are most likely going to get the basics, which while better than nothing, can still be susceptible to the more experienced hackers and phishing scams out there.

More often than not the paid choice will most likely be ideal. Using this service will give you precisely what you need, which is persistent anonymous administration and maybe the ability to see content within another area. The paid alternatives may have a bill each month, however, they can be advantageous for the individuals who require these types of additional services. Guitar center sheds more light on these factors and offers amazing deals on the same.

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