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How to Remain Sustainable in the Internet Age


These days more and more people turn to the web. The younger generation tends to start a morning not with a fresh newspaper that they read at breakfast but with refreshing news feed on Facebook, Instagram or reading the news on a mobile application.

According to the statistics of Pew Research Centre, in 2016 38% of the Americans got the news from social media, websites and apps. For young people aged 18-29 the Internet is the main source of information (50%) while TV accounts for 27% of new info received and printed media – for only 5%. Another survey conducted in the UA says that up to 51% of purchases were made online in 2016. In Europe, two thirds of the Internet users bought things online with the UK being a leader – 83% of individuals got something on the Internet. That puts traditional retailers at danger while e-commerce shops gain more year after year. People buy clothes, sportswear, household appliances as well as travel and holiday accommodation.

No matter whether you are a makeup retailer or a travel agent, a new start-up or company existing for decades, you really have to establish your presence on the Web if you haven’t yet.  Even if you do not sell your products or services online, these days the Internet is the best place for advertisement as well as promotion for any business.

To be competitive on the World Wide Web, find a reputable company that will create a web portal for you. You can outsource php developer for a website or an app development. Hire a Java team in case you need a complex and intricate solution for your business. Make sure that the company you hire does not only write, test and maintain the code for your webpage but also troubleshoots and assists you in problem solving for at least a year after your site has been created. In case there are quality problems with the site, the issues are quickly eradicated by an experienced team of developers.


How to Use Social Media Platforms for Promotion:

Another important tool for improving your presence on the market is social media which steadily gains popularity among people of different age categories. It is for a reason why politicians have their profiles set up at Facebook or Twitter. The platforms let them engage directly with the target audience. Same works for any company. Create your business page, define your target audience on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and regularly update your content with interesting and appealing information. Linking your website page address to your Facebook profile will increases your site view ability and steer traffic to it.  The social media platform enables you to use various call-to-action buttons integrated with your website. On the whole, having a social media page cannot be overrated as it is a great marketing tool. Once an existing or potential client likes, shares your posts or starts following your business, hundreds or even thousands of that person’s friends will see it on their newsfeed and might visit your page if they find it appealing.How to Use Social Media Platforms for Promotion

Getting some positive referrals is also very important for a successful business operation. Provide an option of leaving a feedback on your services on the Facebook page or your website. If your business is in the hospitality sector, register your company at TripAdvisor where customers express their opinions about services received. Word-of-mouth recommendations and a good reputation are very important for any business.

Create special events and promotions to encourage people visit your site or buy your products. You could organize a free giveaway or give a special discount to a person chosen by a randomizer or conduct a quiz based on the content of your website. This will evoke interest to your products or services.

Taking the steps outlined above will help your business be searchable and your brand recognizable provided that you have a team of specialists working on it.

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