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Cheap Android TV Boxes for a Home Theatre​


An Android TV box is a necessary device. It improves your viewing experience. You can take advantage of more options with a TV box. You will be able to watch movies and sports, among other entertainment programs, either on a large monitor at your desk or on a TV in your living room(or wherever!). Different applications allow you to access a wide variety of content.

Whenever you plan on buying a device, you carry out research. This entails: the different brands in the market, the important specifications to consider, the cost of the device and the availability of a warranty. The same applies for an Android TV box. There are factors that you need to consider. Some of the most important include:


There are many specifications for any type of device. For an Android TV box, you do not need to stress over many things, especially if you are not a techie and do not understand the lingo. The main things to look out for are the RAM and hard drive space. For the RAM, you want to get a TV box that has at least 2GB. The hard drive space should be at least 8GB. This will provide you with stress free viewing. All other functions that need space will not need more than 8GB.

Loaded Android TV Boxes

It is better to buy an untouched TV box. This allows you to load it with the Android applications that you actually like and use. Buying loaded boxes looks like a bargain but it can be very limiting. Preloaded Android TV boxes will likely use up a lot of your space. You could also be limited to the applications tied to the box.

Escape the Wireless Remote Trap

If you really need to get a wireless remote, you can buy it separately. It is likely to be more expensive if you buy the box that comes with this wireless remote. You can also opt for a mouse. Just connect it to the USB port on the Android box and it will work well. The only limitation might be the length of the cord.

Location and Warranty

Buy an Android TV box in your area. Do not focus on getting one from another country. While that could be a much cheaper option, there are restrictions. If you experience any kind of difficulty such as a malfunction, you have to ship it back to the seller. The amount it will take to ship the box back will not be worth spending especially if the Android box was really cheap. You would rather buy a box from your country and have peace of mind.

You will also need to get a warranty with your purchase. This will cover repair or replacement in case you happen to encounter challenges with the box’s working condition. If you do not have a warranty, you will have to spend more money on repair or costs of replacement.


The amount that you are prepared to spend on the purchase should be determined beforehand. Once you have a budget in mind you can narrow down the options that have the best features for that amount. Without a budget, you will be prone to unnecessary purchases and overspending. You might end up buying an expensive TV box with unnecessary features or even one that you could have gotten at a cheaper price.

The budget is integral. If you do not have a lot to spend you will be looking for cheap Android TV boxes. Some of the best to consider include:

Nexbox A95X

Nexbox A95X is a great choice when you are on a budget. It costs less than $50 and has 2GB RAM and 16GB hard disk space. There is a 1 GB variant but this is not recommended. One of the greatest features of this Android TV box is that you can install LibreELEC. This is a Kodi-fork that offers the home theatre experience but without all the bloat ware. It improves the capabilities of video playback and also provides for automatic switching of the frame rate. This Android box also has a provision for 4K video playing.

Zidoo X9S

This Android TV box is also relatively cheap. It supports 4K video but is limited to 480p image quality for Netflix. It has HDMI recording capabilities, USB 3.0 and dual WiFi antennas. With 2GB RAM, 16 GB of storage and Bluetooth 4.0, this Android TV box will provide you with an enjoyable home theatre viewing experience.


Whatever TV box you choose should be geared towards meeting your viewing needs. You want to get a functional and efficient box. At the same time, you do not want to break your bank while at it. Do your research, before you settle on which Android TV box to buy. Cover all the bases before you commit your money to a box. It would be very disheartening to buy a TV box only to have to replace it with another one which will still cost you money.

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