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Byju’s App: You’re Kids Tuitions Teacher with All Study Materials


Parents are always looking for the best for their children, from the latest textbook and sample papers out there to the best tuition’s they can afford. For students, the possible ways in which they can ace their studies are in abundance. The next best thing on the block is Byju’s-The Learning App. Having been funded by the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation, Byju’s has established their credibility with the public. Let us look at a few of the key aspects of Byju’s which make it the best learning platform in the country.


  • Availability to study materials: Nowadays, literally everyone has access to a smartphone. Owing to its small size and broad capabilities, anyone who wishes to study can use a mobile device. Thus, making education and learning accessible to everyone, everywhere, at any time.
  • State of the art Content: With the advancements in technology, by integrating 3D animations into their videos, Byju’s is able to provide a better learning experience for their students. Teachers are no longer limited to just the blackboard. Take for instance, how we are able to remember the plot of a movie we see better than a topic we read in the newspaper. This is because our brain has a better retentivity to audio-visual content as it caters to more of our sensors rather than just one. Thus be it a topic of inorganic chemistry or biology, the animation integrated content offers a better platform for students to study.
  • Adaptive learning: One of the most interesting features which make it different from other applications is the Adaptive learning technique. Most students face conceptual problem in understanding the concepts, thus students can master the concepts through customized learning module which helps students to learn at their own pace.
  • Online & Over the Phone Mentor Support: Even with all the right information available, human involvement cannot be omitted. With their mentor support team, Byju’s offers an option to get your doubts cleared by experts and interact with a personal online teacher for any doubts you may have.


Thus, we have seen some of the many features which make Byju’s an impeccable force in the educational sector. With their motto being “Fall in love with learning”, they seek to teach kids in a way such that they will ask why and how to any topic they learn. To get an idea of their Audio-video integrated content check out their YouTube channel and more on the Byjus app review

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